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Application advantages of fiber laser marking machine in the field of marking

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-24

Fiber laser marking machine is mainly used for metal type materials, and metal accounts for a large proportion of marking materials, such as anodized aluminum, stainless steel, copper and titanium. Marking highly reflective materials such as aluminum, brass and copper requires high pulse peak power and sufficiently high power density, and the laser marking speed at high peak energy can reach 500 mm/s. The surface of anodized aluminum has a dark oxide film, which has a high absorption of infrared radiation, so the actual power density required is lower, and the marking speed can reach 2 m/s. To achieve the above marking speed, a higher pulse repetition frequency is required, because if the speed is too fast and the pulse overlap is not enough, the marking lines will be rough and incoherent; a higher pulse frequency can increase the pulse overlap and make the marking lines uniform smooth. The operating frequency of fiber lasers can exceed 100 kHz, which is also the advantage of their application in the field of marking. Annealed marking on stainless steel yields a clear black mark without any material being removed during processing. Now this marking process has been widely used on stainless steel products.

Color marking is a laser marking process that only appeared in recent years. Colored oxides can be produced when controlled and precise heat injection is provided by laser pulse irradiation to metal materials such as stainless steel, chromium, and titanium. Therefore, a laser can be used to make a certain area of u200bu200bthe metal surface have different colors to obtain color. logo. The study found that the key to realizing the colorization of metal surfaces lies in the strict control of laser pulse energy and pulse width. High-frequency, low-pulse-energy lasers are more suitable for this application, and fiber lasers are capable of marking metal surfaces with rich colors due to their adjustable pulse parameters and good beam quality. When the laser pulse repetition frequency exceeds 125KHZ, the deepest color is obtained, and this repetition frequency cannot be achieved by other lasers.

Another important market for fiber laser marking machines is the replacement of inkjet marking technology in the electronics industry. In the electronics industry, inkjet marking technology is mainly used for the marking of integrated circuit packages. Integrated circuit packaging materials are mainly some resin-based potting materials, because manufacturers have special requirements for marking contrast, so it is necessary to fine-tune the parameters of the box during laser marking. When the laser pulse repetition frequency used is less than 100KHZ, the surface of the printed logo is very rough, and its depth can reach 20um. The resulting problem is that when the viewing angle is different, the contrast of the logo will become worse. The use of high pulse frequency, such as 500KHZ fiber laser, can avoid such problems. The logo printed by the high pulse frequency fiber laser has good contrast, smooth surface and line depth <5um, thus eliminating the viewing angle problem.

In conclusion, although there are many types of lasers suitable for laser marking, the many advantages of fiber lasers make them more competitive. Many operators of laser marking systems want to be able to mark multiple materials with the same system, and this requirement can now be fully met with the new MOPA fiber laser. MOPA fiber lasers can be adjusted in a wide range of pulse energy, period and frequency, giving users greater freedom of operation to create perfect marks on a variety of materials. Although fiber lasers have had industrial applications a few years ago, in fact, fiber lasers only began to 'explode' in 2007. With the passage of time, fiber lasers are bound to occupy an increasing share of the laser marking market.

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