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Application of small character inkjet printer in electric lighting industry

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-07

The concept of CIJ cij printer (small character inkjet printer) was first applied for a patent in 1867 by the British physicist Lord Kelvin. Until 1951, France,

A few countries such as Japan and Britain could produce this kind of inkjet printer. After that, this kind of technology quickly emerged. In the following decades, inkjet printers have solved many identification problems for all types of users all over the world, and With its high-speed, accurate, and automated features, it has created a completely different logo experience for all types of enterprises. Nowadays,

The application of marking technology has gradually penetrated into every corner of our lives, especially in factories with assembly-line production. The application is more extensive and complex.< /p>

The sex is also greatly increased compared with the initial application. In today's society, inkjet printer logos have become an indispensable part of the production of various industries.

The application of small-character inkjet printers in electric lighting appliances is mainly reflected in energy-saving light bulbs, and the characteristic is that the inkjet surface is not The plane, but the curved surface, is printed on the circle

The printing of the surface coding logo is similar to the cable coding, but there are big differences. The application of printing technology on the base of energy-saving lamps is quite complicated. The logo icon is a sign that must be printed on the energy-saving lamp.

Nowadays, small character inkjet printers are widely used in light bulb lighting appliances. The coding and marking of the circumferential surface is mainly based on the rotary coding and marking system. This

system includes a printer, a motor that drives the lamp holder to rotate, and a built-in lamp holder fixture holder. Among them, the inkjet printer is perpendicular to the fixture base, and the fixture base is equipped with a sensing device. This sensing device realizes the control of the inkjet printer through the control software. Link the inkjet printer, the motor and the fixture base through the control software to realize the unique non-contact rotary, high-efficiency, high-speed inkjet marking on the lighting appliances. Printing. The small character cij printer can fully meet your requirements for clarity and beauty.

have now been widely used in many industries, if your company has not yet applied inkjet printers Technology, perhaps in the near future, your market

will gradually shrink, because ordinary people have already begun to understand the role and meaning of inkjet marking.

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