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Classification and use of self-adhesive labels

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-07-29

Mirror coated paper

This type of self-adhesive label/bar label/barcode label uses advanced multi-color product labels. Self-adhesive labels/bar-shaped labels/barcode labels are usually applied to information labels for drugs, food, electrical appliances, cultural goods and other items.

Matte paper, offset paper

This type of self-adhesive label/bar-shaped label/barcode label mostly uses label paper for the purpose. Usually used in high-speed laser printing, inkjet printing of information labels or bar code labels.

Fragile stickers

The main function is anti-counterfeiting and warranty. This kind of self-adhesive label bar label/bar code label cannot be reused after being torn up. Usually used for anti-counterfeiting of commodities such as electrical appliances and medicines.

Polyethylene label

Observe that the shape of the fabric is transparent and bright, and the color is milky white.

Thermal paper

Usually it is easy to see on commodity prices, and it is widely used.

pvc shrink film

Usually used in all kinds of electrical appliances or machine battery trademarks.

Coated paper

Apply to multi-color product labels. Usually used in information labels for food, medicine, and electrical appliances.

Laser laser film

It belongs to high-end information label paper, which is mostly used for multi-color product labels such as stationery and high-end decorations.

Aluminum foil paper

This type of self-adhesive label bar label/bar code label is also a label mostly used for multi-color products. It is usually applied to high-end information labels for medicines, foods, and cultural products.


The surface of this type of self-adhesive label is transparent, showing sub-silver, sub-golden, milky white, matte milky white, etc. The performance is the product label with important properties such as resistance to water, oil and chemicals, and the information label for daily use in bathroom products, electrical appliances, machinery and other products.

Thermal transfer paper

The performance is to resist high temperature environment. Usually used in products such as microwave ovens.

Removable glue

The fabric is usually coated paper, mirror paper polyethylene, polypropylene, etc. Because this kind of self-adhesive label is torn off without leaving a trace, it is usually applied to labels such as tableware and fruits.

Chemical Synthetic Paper

Because this type of self-adhesive label bar label/bar code label has strong water and oil resistance, it is usually used for information on high-end products and environmentally friendly products. Label.

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