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Easy tear line for laser marking equipment application technology of new innovation

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-09-24

about laser marking machine for many businesses may first think of is about the production date, batch number, bar code, trademark, logo and other information for the code marking, it is also a common functions in the laser marking equipment. But for merchants a commodity only identity information is important? Certainly not, although not all the commodity on the outer packing requirements are the same, and it is why will have diversified needs. Today to talk about the share when the goods packaging in order to improve the user experience and increase demand for easy to tear line/easy to tear, and the demand is how to lead to laser marking equipment with new technology application.

believe that most people at the time of purchase goods have such an experience, very anxious to use opinion development goods when it is difficult to open the goods, no matter in what way can tear it. If we choose to use scissors or a tooth in the home, but in a public place? Not everyone carries this simple items, for the sake of their own image we also do not use teeth? In this case if we or poking fun at the manufacturer? And remind yourself that in next time buy, not to choose the product? So manufacturers in order to be able to switch back to the customer will be on the outer packing, increase the easy tear line tear easy to let the consumer goods or tear easily, which can improve consumer experience and improve the quality of the product.

in order to be able to meet the needs of easy tear line on commodity packaging, laser marking equipment has developed a new technology of application - — Laser marking. Marking fu code is laser marking, will not damage the material itself; And implementation is easy tear line on the surface of processed products to form uniform dashed line holes. Easy tear line laser punching equipment mainly is a kind of can in multilayer composite packaging materials using laser beam to achieve the effect of easy tear 'dotted line', do some parts of packaging line, and as a whole is not damaged. Innovation of this new technology can meet the needs of packaging industry, the same as the marking is belong to the process of non-contact and no wear and tear, guarantees the packing of goods from damage because of the packing process, and at the same time ensure its stability and reliability.

easy tear line laser marking machine, Easy tear line laser marking punch) , with superfine air holes of special equipment, realize the dashed line holes, air holes, easy to tear, heat sealing label requirements, such as the laser engraving the smallest aperture 0. 1 to 0. 3 mm, effectively waterproof and breathable. Implement any direction ( Is not limited to straight line) , engraving of any shape, with the characteristics of high speed, stable performance, safe and reliable, the general collocation slitting machine, bag making machine, crossing their machine and related equipment supporting the use. Mainly to meet the demands of the modern commodity packaging, and solve the problems that exist in the traditional punching dotted line, specially designed for film quantitative breather hole design, easy tear line, marking speed, equipment easy to operate, stable performance and long service life, etc. Compared with the traditional mechanical gear hole faster and more uniform aperture pitch size adjustable, can realize arbitrary direction of arbitrary shape easy tear Kong Biao carved.

above all is not hard to find, in the laser marking equipment not only demand has a target, it can according to the production requirements for a variety of applications in the field of innovation, in this piece of laser marking technology it can do only to selected film layer, and is received without prejudice to any other film layer; To achieve the freedom to choose the shape of the line and direction; Can reduce the loss to increase reliability. Do users can easy to tear apart according to the easy tear line, rather than can not tear open good big trouble goods, even the goods damaged.
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