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Further upgrade of food safety, inkjet printers are indispensable

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-23

I don’t know if my friends have had this experience. When you walk into a supermarket and pick up a snack, you want to see the production date and shelf life of the food. You look at it over and over.

You still can't find the information you want. At this time, you call the clerk to ask about the production date of the package of food, and the clerk will also take the package of food and look through it carefully.

You two worked hard together finally Found the string of small numbers.

Food printers pay such attention to food safety

, which makes consumers feel deeply. This caused resonance among printer manufacturers. In fact, most of us have encountered similar situations in our lives. Nowadays, the shelf life and production date on many food packages are 'peek-a-boo' for consumers. The font size is small and the handwriting is weak. The date is stamped on other words intentionally or unintentionally, with 'see bottle capPrompts make people search, causing difficulties for consumers, especially elderly consumers.

Of course, the location of the food production date is difficult to find and difficult to identify. Except for a few merchants deliberately doing it, I believe most companies are not malicious. In this regard, some insiders said that the production date is a variable amount and cannot be added when printing and packaging in batches. In order not to destroy the overall effect of the packaging when printing the production date after packaging, it is generally placed at the corner of the corner. In addition, from a technical point of view, ink marking is easy to wear on plastic and other smooth materials, while laser marking is not easy to find because it has no color.

However, the business's rhetoric cannot be used as an excuse for the problem.

Consumers criticize food production

It is a common phenomenon that the date and shelf life are difficult to find.

As the saying goes, 'How can you sweep the world without sweeping a houseHow to talk about protection

Food safety? It is reported that the 'People's Republic of China

National Food Safety Law' was revised and passed on April 24, 2015

Effective from October 1, 2015

OK. The new

appearance of 'the most stringent food safety law in history' demonstrates the country’s determination to severely crack down on food safety crimes and will surely become a solid backing for the protection of citizens’ food safety. In view of this, unscrupulous businesses should take

as a warning as soon as possible, be honest and abide by the law, and operate in a reasonable manner.

Let the production date be clear at a glance, this is not a high-tech problem, the manufacturer can do it with just a little thought. For example, use larger letters

for production date and shelf life, and bolder fonts, clearly mark the packaging in obvious places, and do not mark it on the seal, so as to allow consumers, especially the elderly to consume. The person sees clearly. This not only saves consumers trouble, but also can give themselves a responsible impression, why not do it?

In addition to business self-discipline, consumers should also know the law and actively protect their rights. Once you have purchased the 'three noes' products, don't let it go or be silent. You should take the initiative to report to the Consumer Association or the Ministry of Industry and Commerce

to eliminate the problematic food.

The basic signs such as the date of food production are not the age of young women, so it is not easy to show others, but should be displayed openly. This is not only responsible for consumers, but also sincere to the enterprise

The basic requirements of the letter.

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