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How to realize the software upgrade of the inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-03

As soon as I see the word software, I think the computer is what everyone sees right away. Yes, the cij printer is also an exquisite instrument, and the degree of automation, and


Not lower than a computer. According to the computer's software and hardware theory, let's take a look at the software and hardware systems of the inkjet printer.

Hardware is an entity that can be seen and touched, including the host, print head, line pipe, ink, etc.

Software is the operating system, font library, various programs, etc., equivalent to the headquarters of the human body.

So why do we need to upgrade the software in time?

Fix the loopholes

The interview of every piece of software is a process of experimentation. But things are not 100% perfect. Only by practicing and putting into production can we find questions constantly. Therefore, software upgrades are necessary and can be greatly improved. Productivity.

Additional functions

With the launch of the printer, the application range of cij printers in various industries has expanded, and the functions of the software must Continuous improvement can keep up with the needs of the application. This is also fierce

Decided by market competition

How to keep the software system of the inkjet printer up to date Woolen cloth?

Each brand of inkjet printer has its own software operating system. Users only need the official website of the product to find the software update dynamics at any time, so as to make their own machine< /p>

The device keeps the latest version.

, care for every user. Our company, for every user, will have regular software update reminders, so you don’t need to worry about software update questions. Let every customer’s machine be frequently updated. , Create greater value for you!

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The system has obtained ISO 9001 quality certification and international CE certification, in line with various international safety standards!

The cij printer, with excellent performance, will satisfy you!

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