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Inkjet printer consumables are still original

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-12-26
With the increasing demand for cij printers in all walks of life, fake and inferior inks and solvents emerge in endlessly. Their low prices are favored by all walks of life, but many companies have also paid a painful price for them after using them. Not only can it not print good results, but it will cause the cij printer to fail continuously, affecting normal production. Friends who have bought the inkjet printer know that if the inkjet printer can continue to operate normally, you must use the ink specified by the manufacturer. Only see short-term benefits.

Next, I will tell you why the inkjet printer uses the original inkjet printer consumables.

1. The ink and solvent formula and production process of the inkjet printer are quite strict. It is difficult for ordinary manufacturers to make general-purpose consumables, and even for some large manufacturers, it is difficult for them to make the same consumables as the original ones. Therefore, be sure to use the original ink and solvent.

2. Different types of inkjet printer inks have different base materials, dyes, etc., so different types of inks cannot be mixed. Once mixed, different inks are prone to physical reactions to form precipitates, or chemical reactions to form precipitates.

3. When the machine is running, it is necessary to constantly replenish the material lost by the volatilization of the ink, and repair the structural damage caused by the circulation to the ink. If the replacement solvent does not have the material to provide the ink lost, simply add the ink base material, which is very harmful to the normal operation of the machine. Generally, the breakpoint is not good, the deflection force is reduced, the printed characters are not clear, and the printing is even impossible.

4. have strict requirements on the performance indicators of consumables. Such as viscosity, particle size, conductivity, drying time, adhesion, corrosivity, PH value, etc. should all be within a certain range. The printer consumables of different manufacturers and models cannot be used universally. Therefore, the manufacturer will inform the customer that if the use of consumables not approved by the company causes the consequences, it will not provide free warranty or even repair.

5. Many replacement inks claim to be the same as the original ink and can be used universally. After a period of actual use, the inkjet printer will fail again and again.

6. In addition to ink and solvents, cleaning agents are also used. It is used to clean the nozzle and the ink splattered. Generally, printer manufacturers provide different types of cleaning agents for different inks.

7. The products have a shelf life, and the consumables are the same. If it exceeds the shelf life, it will deteriorate, and if it is serious, it will not be able to be used normally. So be sure to check the production date when purchasing consumables. In addition, if the print quality deteriorates during use, you can check whether the ink has expired. If it has expired for a long time, it must be replaced with a new ink. Remember to properly dispose of the original ink and do not mix it with the new ink.

What you pay for what you pay for, the original imported products are much higher in quality than some cheap domestic inks, so the production cost is also high, plus transportation and customs costs, to the domestic market Such a price is formed on the above.

It can be seen that in the procurement process, you must not only choose the right inkjet printer, but also choose the correct ink The normal operation and maintenance of the printer itself is guaranteed. Compared with the use of inferior ink to reduce production costs, which is more cost-effective, I believe you must have the answer in your heart.

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