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Popularity and application of laser marking machine for fruit and vegetable labels

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-04-25

Food safety has always been a concern. In the fruit market, some imported fruits or local fruits with a certain brand, in order to highlight the brand awareness, will be labeled on the surface of the fruit, indicating the brand, origin and other information. And this kind of label is easy to be torn or faked, and the laser marking machine can mark fruits and vegetables, also known as fruit laser marking machine. Not only will it not destroy the pulp inside the fruit, but it can also play an anti-counterfeiting role. This method is unique and innovative.

Fruit technical experts said, 'In view of the success of all the practices on avocado, coconut, apple and kiwi, we can extend this laser marking technology CO2 laser marking machine to a variety of On other fruits and vegetables like the same. We will have the opportunity to reduce product packaging waste several times faster, which is very exciting. British retailer Marks and Spencer has launched a new laser marking method to mark avocados, hoping to take advantage of the This reduces paper waste. Switching from paper sticky labels to laser printing saves 10 tons of label u0026 backing paper, and 5 tons of adhesive per year. Avocados are harvested at their place of origin and graded by their origin. It is then transported to the UK. Upon arrival, the ripe avocados are placed in trays on a conveyor belt and then marked with information by a laser machine.

Laser marking will print the retailer's logo, best before date, country of origin, and cashier code on the outer layer of coconuts, apples, and avocados. Mu0026S claims that strong light hits the outer skin of the fruit, and only It will cause the peel of the outer layer to fall off and fade, and it is not destructive to the fruit, and the operation can be very precise.

In recent years, the application of laser marking technology in fruits and vegetables has become more and more extensive. The application of laser marking in the food industry is a new trend. For nutritious and healthy green products such as fruits and vegetables, they cannot print relevant information on the surface, so they usually use it to label the printed matter. But the label The cost of sticking is high, it is inconvenient to use and not environmentally friendly. Laser marking can replace the labeling method, and can directly mark the food surface without contact and pollution. Fruit and vegetable label laser marking machine can safely apply laser on fruits and vegetables The marking date and logo can not only ensure the laser marking effect, but also ensure people's health.

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