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Unique device identification, the device will have periodic

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-22

Is there a cycle for medical devices? Can it be marked accordingly? The answer is yes.

Take you to analyze the unique corporate identity.

The unique device identification is the identification given to the medical device throughout its life cycle, and is the only 'identity card' in the product supply chain. In addition to meeting the 'visible' requirements

, it must also meet the form of plain text and have an automatic recognition function.

The composition of the device identification code and the production identification code.

DI belongs to static information, it is the identity of medical device products in the supply chain, and can be used as a 'keyword' to enter the database to query the basic information of the product; and < /p>

PI belongs to dynamic information, which includes the serial number, batch number, production date and expiration date of medical device products, etc. It is the dynamic additional information of medical device products, and it is linked to DI


Can be used in combination to point to specific medical device products.

That is to say, in the near future, our medical devices will have their own logos, and they will be strictly controlled during the life cycle, just like cars ,

Apply correspondingly at the specified time, and after a certain number of years, they are required to be laid off. The purpose is to make our lives more secure, and we also Operate under the corresponding safety conditions, not only to ensure the safety of everyone, but also to trace the various information sources of the device, such as a scalpel, What materials are used, where to manufacture, what is the complete channel, and which departments have been passed through. In this way, we are more aware of the origin of the product.

The future is the era of information technology. The market is undergoing new changes and upgrades according to everyone’s needs. Whether you are a manufacturer of production or a user of equipment, you are always Face

The demand test of all markets. All markets are determined according to market demand.

, leading the development of the industry, using the best quality service and the most advanced technology to achieve corporate development. , Leading to a new height of global identity.

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