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What are the main applications of handheld inkjet printers?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-28

The handheld cij industrial inkjet printer is beautiful and portable, with a touch screen intelligent system, and wireless mouse and keyboard operations. Different brands of inkjet printers have different prices, and handheld inkjet printers still have an advantage in price compared to other types of cij printers. manufacturers introduce how to use handheld cij printers. Hand-held inkjet printers have the characteristics of large-capacity batteries, customized identifier aspect ratio sizes according to customer regulations, etc., and are widely used in outer packaging boxes for food, beverages, wine, etc., and various seamless steel pipes, packaging bags, and paper Gypsum board, etc., the application address can be in the production workshop, but also in warehouses, freight logistics yards, company offices, etc., which can print the production date, work order number, production vehicle number, and anti-counterfeiting identification product anti-channeling code ( Or implicit identifier), company name, graphic logo, etc. The hand-held industrial inkjet printer is suitable for barcodes on large items or parts that are not easy to move.

The ink in the hand-held inkjet printer cartridge contains two types: slow-drying and quick-drying, which are applied to different products. Slow-drying inks are mainly used for paper products or penetration Plastic products with good properties; quick-drying inks are mainly used in metal products. Hand-held cij printers are more flexible in operation and can inkjet online. The handheld inkjet industrial inkjet printer has been refitted with a bracket and installed with a photoelectric sensor, which can be placed on the conveyor belt for inkjet printing, which improves the efficiency of inkjet printing.

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