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Thermal inkjet system

Model: T1
Light and compact, excellent function, good printing effects, high resolution, to provide you with an unexpected printing experience.

· Removable battery.
· Lasting standby mode.
· Uses original HP ink for optimum performance.
· Directly modify printing content and device settings without using a computer

Lead Tech Brand - Best Productivity with lowest cost of ownership Identification manufacturer.
We are committed to provide quality services for the identification technology and manufacturing companies worldwide.

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Smart design 
Ergonomic design, reasonable equipment center of gravity, suitable for long operation.
Engineering plastic shell, body more light.
WYSIWYG, easy to learn.
Touch screen interface that is easy to operate.
Powerful Features 
Edit and change printing content directly to save time and increase production.
Unique pulley design, can be flexibly printed on different shapes of the surface.
Close to the perfectink Ink 
cartridges and ink full of closed, easy to replace the cartridge.
No volatile solvents, environmentally friendly ink.
A variety of ink types, to adapt to the need for material needs of the jet printing.
Unique nozzle
Multi-protection nozzle, not easy to scratch injury.
Anti-blocking design, not easy to plug, reduce the extrusion of ink.
Why Choose Lead-Tech?
1.LEAD TECH is an equipment provider that focus on continuous inkjet and laser coding, and provide customized solution for identify platform, productions and services are broadly suitable for all industries in the world, including food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics,automobiles, cables, electronics and so on.

2.Our company since its inception, With a strong technical foundation, we continue to use innovative technologies to help organizations around the world increase productivity and significantly reduce acquisition costs.

3.“Quality as the root, market-oriented, continuous innovation and continuous improvement, in pursuit of excellence”, the concept has not changed since the inception of the company. Presently, LEAD TECH has more than 20 patents and won the title of national high-tech enterprises, and committed to become the world's leading inkjet brand.     
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