Laser Printing Machine
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Laser Printing Machine

The laser printing machine (laser marking machine) is one of the main products of LEAD TECH. UV laser marking machine is wildly used to marking medical face mask, surgical face mask, mouth face mask, high-end electronic product appearance LOGO logo, food, PVC pipe, pharmaceutical packaging materials (HDPE, PO, PP, etc.) marking, micro-perforation, flexible PCB board marking and scribing, etc. OEM & ODM Service Available.

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High-Speed Marking
* Dobule systems allows the information to be processed quickly.
* Unique design of red-light location system, which can adjust direction quickly.
* The speed of 2 dimensional high-precision lens can reach 8000mm/s.
All-new Design
* Dust tight in all directions, which ensures production schedule.
* Air/Water cooling system, ensuring its operation is stable and safe.
* 180 degree all-round printing, meeting the demand from different angles.
Work Environment
* External Temperature 0ºC~45ºC (relative humidity)
* Working Temperature 0ºC~60ºC
* Environment Humidity 45%~75%
* Atmospheric Pressure * Power Demand 200V 5A/50Hz
Easy to Use
* Modular design, easy to understand.
* 10.4 inch touch screen, easy to operate.
* Ingenious design, applicable in a small area.
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Laser marking machine does not need consumables and suitable at: metal, glass, ceramics, plastics, leather, etc.

Laser marking machine is applied to electronic components, integrated circuits, electrical appliances, mobile communication, hardware products, tool accessories, precision instruments, glasses, clocks, jewelry, auto accessories, plastic button, building materials and PVC pipes.

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LEAD TECH, a dynamic and innovative high-tech enterprise, was founded in May 2011. Based in Zhuhai, China, our ISO-certified company specializes in producing continuous inkjet printers, laser marking machines, piezo inkjet printers and offers customized solutions for the identification plaform. Our products and services are suitable for all

kinds of coding solutions that cater to various industries, from food and beverage to pharmaceutical, cosmetic, automotive, cable, electronics and so on.

With quality as the foundation, market-oriented, continuous innovation, continuous improvement, and excellence, this concept has not changed since its inception. LEAD TECH is always committed to providing innovative technology and superior services to help our partners worldwide improve efficiency and reduce production costs, and is determined to become the global leading brand of inkjet printers.

Found in 2011
Professional Team
Global Distributors
Installation Base
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— Our Advantage

LEAD TECH uses innovative and reliable technology  to find the best solutions for different manufacturing enterprises with different demands,

to  effectively increase productivity and significantly reduce cost.

Advantage of Independent Innovation
As a member of the national identification industry, high-tech enterprises, LEADTECH has its own CIJ, Laser and other products with full independent intellectual property rights. Since its establishment, we have obtained many invention patents, including invention design patents and utility model patents. After years of research, development and manufacturing, LEADTECH has formed a complete practical solution to promote our cooperation with customers.
Brand Advantage: Accurate positioning, highly praised
As one of the top ten brands in the logo industry, LEADTECH has been focusing on health lighting for 10 years, with the logo industry and related areas of the logo platform as its core business. With our precise strategic positioning and excellent execution efficiency, LEADTECH has maintained rapid growth.
Product advantages: easy to use, high quality, high reliability
In the aspect of system design, the simple operation of the system makes you forget the existence of operation manual. In the aspect of product structure design, modular integrated design makes maintenance simple. The overall characteristics of our products are simple, easy to use, durability and high performance stability.
Marketing network: all over the country
LEADTECH covers all aspects of China, benefiting users in China. At the same time, the service network covers Southeast Asia and parts of Europe.
Service Advantage: Secret Training, All-round Service
Headquarters is responsible for helping operators to provide comprehensive technical training and guidance. A comprehensive after-sales service manual will promptly solve and solve problems arising in the process of cooperation or meet the needs of partners.
Customized Development: Customized Project Development for Special Applications
Professional R&D team provides you with customized identification solutions to meet the development requirements of your special application.
Advanced monitoring equipment
Perfect production technology, according to the environment and conditions of the user groups to do reasonable product research and development. To achieve more sophisticated service to the product experience, to meet your different levels of jet code requirements.
Standardized and efficient management system
From production to company's system management, standardized and efficient management system is adopted to deal with the increasingly complex process requirements with advanced technology to ensure the quality of products to achieve high standards.
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— Certifications

Quality Assurance

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