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LEAD TECH Laser Marking Machine Boosts Production Of Protective Masks


Faced with the sudden outbreak of the new coronavirus COVID-19, the opening of the spring of 2020 made protective masks a scarce resource. In response to this situation to meet the urgent needs of masks, many face mask manufacturers resume work in advance and find ways to increase their production lines. There are also many factories that transform production masks to meet the needs of everyone. In the face of the difficulty of walking without a mask, medical staff have no guarantee. This has led to a sharp increase in the demand for mask production lines, and at the same time its matching printing equipment-laser marking machine, has also entered a hot sale period.


So what is the main printing contents of the mask laser marking machine? What are the characteristics? The following words will explain to you roughly.


The mask laser marking machine must print the content: the state stipulates that the mark on the mask package must be marked by category and according to the actual filtering function, and its concept should not be exaggerated or blurred. Therefore, coding the mask is a necessary process. In addition, the production date and the effective date are also content that must be coded. Most mask manufacturers will also print the brand and logo on the mask, and some need to be traced with a lot number or traceability code.


There are several types of mask laser marking machine in LEAD TECH:

Medical Surgical Face Mask UV Laser Marking Printing Machine LT80003U LT8005U

Commercial Laser printer All aluminum structure LT8020F LT8030F LT8050F

Laser Batch Coding Machine Comprehensive dust-proof LT8020C LT8030C


LEAD TECH Laser Marking Machine Boosts Production Of Protective Masks 1                 
LEAD TECH Laser Marking Machine Boosts Production Of Protective Masks 2                 
LEAD TECH Laser Marking Machine Boosts Production Of Protective Masks 3                 

In addition, our laser marking machine not only applies to mask production lines, it also can be used in printing date code on pharmaceutical boxes. So it also useful for pharmaceutical packaging manufacturers.


The above is the mask laser marking machine that we have roughly introduced. If you need to know more about the mask printer, please contact us. At present, the machine is in stock. Last warm reminder: At present, everyone should pay attention to protection, try not to go out, try to wear masks, ventilate at home, wash hands frequently, and fight the epidemic together to defeat the virus!

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