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A 20 w laser marking function how much area? The biggest can play?

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-06-26
A 20 w laser marking function how much area? The biggest can play? Basically be to see their products to mark content is how much. Laser marking machine has several range. General is 100 mm * 100 mm, 160 mm * 160 mm this several range. There is power, the greater the target range is wide. There are some different kinds of marking machine scope is not the same as the scope of the co2 laser marking machine is more widely than the range of the optical fiber laser marking machine is the biggest can reach 300 mm * 300 mm. This is quite widespread, if within the scope of this a few still feel small, you can make the machine modified, the modified column, laser, etc. , to change the target range.
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