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Malfunction of gutter tube?

1)Check the gutter tube for ink deposit build-up and clean is required;

2)Ensure that the ink stream enters the gutter tube correctly;

The products have repeat print?

1)Adjust the induction position of photocell and avoid sensing the area which has chromatic aberration;

2)Adjust the sensitivity of photocell and avoid the influence of chromatic aberration;

3)Use other types of photocell, such as the type of reflecting plate and the type of opposed;

4)Contact Lead Tech for help.

The print is incomplete?
1)Check that the Printed Dots value set in the Message Parameters menu is equal to the maximum number of dots required for a raster(For example, if the printing message is single line with 16 Font or double lines with 7 Font, the smallest value of Printed Dots should be 16); 2)Check the printhead for ink deposit build-up and clean is required; 3)Check that the position of the ink stream in the gutter tube is correct.
The print size is incorrect?
1)Check that the set Character height is correct; 2)Check that the distance from the printhead to the product is correct. Character height increases as the printhead moves further from the product; 3)Check that the correct font is selected in the message; 4)If the message width appears stretched, decrease the Width value set in the Message Parameters menu; 5)If the message width appears compressed, increase the Width value set in the Message Parameters menu.
The print position is incorrect?
1)Check that the Product Delay value set in the Message Parameters menu is correct. 2)Check whether the position of photocell has been moved.
When in the printing process, sometimes the products miss printing?
1)The photocell has not been installed well. Change the installation position of the photocell, and make sure that in the continuous product movement, every product can be sensed by the photocell; Exclude the influence of color to the photocell. 2)The sensitivity of photocell has not been adjusted well. Adjust the potentiometer of the sensitivity of photocell. The right adjustment is that when the photocell has an inductive signal, the corresponding sensor light is on.
After I turn on the power, the panel of the machine is not bright or very dark. I cannot see the characters clearly. How to deal with it?
1)The power source has no voltage. Check the power source. 2) The setting of the brightness of screen background is not correct. Press CTRL+L to adjust the brightness.
The printer has no fault warnings, but it cannot print?
1) Check the printhead. 2) Check the printhead whether it is activated. 3) Check whether the printer can receive the detect signal through diagnostic screen. 4) Check the settings of encoder. 5) Check the settings of photocell.
When in the process of starting jet, the position of ink stream is not correct or the ink stream is not stable?

1)Nozzle clogging. Flush the nozzle. Because the inkjet printer uses quick drying ink, if the machine is not cleaned well when it stops jet, or the machine has not been used for several days, it is easy to cause nozzle clogging. Make sure that you start jet and stop jet normally. If the machine is going to stop using for a period of time, make sure the machine will be in normal operation for over 2 hours every 10 days or so. 2)Filter clogging. Please contact engineers of Lead Tech for regula

There is no fault warning, but it does not print?
1)The setting of Width or Product Delay in Message Parameters is wrong. Adjust Width or Product Delay. 2)Malfunction of photocell. Check the connection of photocell, and clean the inductive head of photocell. 3)The installation position of photocell has changed. Install and fix photocell all over again. 4)The setting of sensitivity of photocell is not correct. Adjust the sensitivity of photocell.
After the machine is turned on normally, it appears the alarm of Charge Error frequently?
1)The charge electrode or the phase detector is dirty or wet. Flush the nozzle, the charge electrode and the phase detector. Dry the printhead. 2)The breakup of droplets is bad. Observe the position of the ink stream. If it is necessary, adjust the parameter. 3)Poor grounding. Check whether the grounding wire is in good contact. 4)The ink system is dirty or there is something wrong with the ink/top-up. Please contact engineers of Lead Tech.
How to maintain the inkjet printer that not frequently used?
According to the survey, because some inkjet printers are not frequently used, failures often appear. For example, some clients use it once every two or three weeks. Furthermore, some use it once one or two months. Actually it is not the matter of the quality of printers but the low frequency of usage. So, how to maintain an inkjet printer which is seldom used?

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