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A brief introduction to the principle of laser inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-05-30

It is inevitable that more and more people pay more and more attention to laser cij printers, and users' awareness of the marking industry is gradually increasing and becoming wider, and introductory knowledge is obviously more important. The following inkjet code will give a brief introduction to friends who have not been in contact with inkjet printers before and are considering purchasing inkjet printers, the basic principles and introductory knowledge of laser inkjet printers, so that they can know what a laser is more quickly and clearly. , and the advantages of laser printers.

Introduction to the principle of laser inkjet printer: First of all, laser is an amplified light with a certain wavelength, and its good absorption is the guarantee of good inkjet effect. , reflection, penetration, etc.

CO2 laser cij printer adopts CO2 gas technology laser tube, which consists of laser tube, polarizer system, power supply and computer control system.

In addition, the laser printing machine also has a fiber laser, which is composed of fiber laser, polarizer system, computer control system, field lens and other components.

In addition, we suggest that if customers need the working principle of imported laser cij printer, they can refer to the article 'Working Principle of Imported Laser '. These three different technology lasers are used in different products and There will be a good prominent effect on the object.

CO2 laser machines are mainly used for non-metallic materials, and the price is relatively low. Optical fiber machines are mainly used for materials with low requirements such as metal and plastic, and the price is relatively slightly higher than that of CO2 models. .

The wavelength of fiber laser inkjet printer is 1064nm, which can be used for online or offline continuous marking of metal materials, such as high-end products (such as mobile phone accessories), and the price is relatively high.

The principle and structure of the laser machine is simpler than that of the traditional ink machine. In 2020, the new laser printing machine model adopts the new brand laser tube imported from the United States and the CTI brand imported from the United States in the core components. Polarizer system and self-developed WINDOWS CE operating system.

The hardware quality has been greatly improved, and the threshold for imported laser printers has been further lowered, in order to allow more people to experience the value of high-quality laser Leadtech Coding. The whole chain of products is traceable, and the value of products is enhanced by means of one item, one code, and the Internet of Things.

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