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A cup of milk tea should be serious

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-15

Since the beginning of the electronic age, every bit around us is full of integrity, even a cup of milk tea, it can also be a cup of identity milk tea. You can also put it in capitals.

Heart, we are never afraid that we know too much, we are afraid that we know nothing. A cup of milk tea, whether it's in a small shop, is packed for takeaway. It is also a work of the reputation of a big brand.

A credible identity certificate will always give people a touch of comfort and a touch of protection.

The inkjet printer will always bring us many surprises. The cup noodles of milk tea are arc-shaped, which is obviously not suitable Conventional traditional printing technology, and compared with traditional electronic printing, small

character cij printer has the following advantages.

1. Various forms of large and small packaging can be non-contacted

2. Print batch number , Logo, product name, expiry date, number, etc.; use in a certain part of the package

3. Invisible ink for marking, this invisible ink can only be marked under UV light Be read;

4. Use a variety of inks for anti-counterfeiting; printing bar codes for anti-counterfeiting traceability.

5. The automatic cleaning function of the nozzle ensures that the nozzle can remain unblocked even if it is on a production line that is frequently stopped and started.

6. High-speed printing meets the high-speed production line environment

7. The non-contact printing method ensures printing even on uneven and arc surfaces The effect and the use of flying ink dot matrix printing to complete the unimaginable curve of the printer

Curved printing, ceramic printing and food coding.

What is engraved on the milk tea cup is not only our memory of sweetness, but also our love and trust in this world. Please bring your milk tea with our trust Price tag,

Prove that we will not be deceived, let us remember your appearance, remember your mark. Take this mark and walk in the sun.

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Its solution is economical and practical, low cost of use, simple maintenance, excellent performance and reliable operation.

The importance of cij printer has increased as date printing machine have become a must in our daily life.
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