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A deeper understanding of inkjet printers

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-02
I have been talking about these things about cij printers, but many customers don't know that there are several types of inkjet printers. Today, I will briefly outline several types of cij printers, so that customers and friends have a clear and in-depth understanding. Small character inkjet printer Small character inkjet printer is a non-contact type cij printer, with data encoding and shifting variable data functions. You can choose the best standard machine, dual print heads, and continuous operation of the corresponding inkjet and pigment ink compatible inkjet. Large-character inkjet printers Large-character rollers are used on secondary packaging, such as cardboard boxes or cartons. It can mark medium-sized Chinese characters, graphics, bar codes, etc. with relatively large fonts. Large-character cij printers can choose large-character inkjet printers with two different technologies: injection valve and pulse jet. Industrial thermal printers Industrial thermal printers use thermal transfer technology to make high-quality signs also very flexible and reliable film packaging materials. A packaging machine that may be embedded with a thermal printer for continuous printing, can select and print intermittently. Helps reduce high-speed running cost tracking, energy saving and ribbon. Laser marking machine The laser marking machine is a new high-tech machine. It is an ideal laser marking machine that can replace traditional machines. It helps reduce the cost of running consumables and is easier to operate. Marking can be used in a wide range of products such as laser beam engraving and permanent printing.
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