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A large number of laser printers are used on mobile phones

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-03
While the mobile phone is inseparable from our lives, the laser marking process is also inseparable from the various accessories on the mobile phone. The current mobile phone processing industry has widely adopted laser printers for marking, including the satisfaction of some individual needs. From a market perspective, it is imperative to develop a product with clear markings, stable performance, mature technology, small size, easy maintenance, and high cost performance! Let’s analyze what accessories on mobile phones require laser marking. What is the marking machine coding? 1. The transparent button of the mobile phone is made of silica gel, which is very sensitive to the laser power. The pulse sequence of the general water-cooled laser marking machine is unstable, which easily causes uneven marking and affects the transmission effect. Adopting end-pumped structure and adding pulse controllable technology can make it form a stable pulse sequence, and the light transmission color is more uniform. 2. The UV air-cooled laser marking machine for hardware decoration pieces and mobile phone shells can not only mark LOGO, product information, etc. on the hardware decoration pieces and shells, but also produce special effects such as netting and drawing effects, as well as marking lines. More refined, the pattern is more exquisite. In addition, the semiconductor end-pumped air-cooled laser marking machine has a higher repetition frequency, which can greatly increase the marking speed. 3. Products such as chargers and batteries can use semiconductor end pump air-cooled laser marking machine to mark LOGO, product information, etc., including serial number, production date and batch number, barcode, QR code, etc.
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