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A new generation of PCB marking and collision between the laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-09-29

nowadays most of the electronic device with the development of intelligence, lightweight, miniaturization, when consumer demands for the product quality is getting higher and higher, the merchants for their products in the demand on the surface of the standard is becoming more and more high, more and more strict, is the only way to win customers, clients and competitors. For PCB circuit boards of marking, qr code marking, strings, images or other information businesses are attention need to be printed by quality standards, in order to be able to better satisfy the new generation of PCB industry for product quality monitoring, we can use laser marking machine in the form of combination.

before you learn early PCB marking way what simple talk about PCB? Many outsiders don't know what is PCB, but heard of circuit board. Printed circuit board PCB was really an abbreviation, is one of the important electronic components, is also the support of electronic components, as a carrier of electronic components and electrical connections. Therefore information marking on the circuit board is one of the important factors of all the more. In the laser marking machine has not yet appeared, early PCB marking mainly adopts two forms: one is the traditional silk screen processing mode; The second is the method of inkjet. But the two methods for the marking of PCB there are some problems, cannot satisfy the consumers in today's society for commodity quality standards, can only be applied to the early marking requirements.

when the traditional marking mode can't meet the needs of its high demand, high standards, laser marking machine. Before this enterprise businesses did not contact with laser marking machine, do not know how this kind of machine can bring an effect. The emergence of new things is both challenges and opportunities for businesses, we can't say this kind of laser printer can completely satisfy to the marking requirements of the consumers, also could not say laser printer could not solve the problem of traditional play mark. Only through practice can learn that the laser marking machine is able to meet the demand of PCB circuit board high standards of marking, whether can perfect finish the quality control problem. Practice is the sole criterion for testing truth.

elegant. prosper our logo by selecting a small number of PCB to use laser marking machine test, the test shows that for now the development of lightweight, miniaturization of electronic equipment, the use of laser marking machine is able to save a space under the condition of exploitation degree, still can maintain need to mark the qr code, characters, contact information, images and specifications information such as density, clear display on the circuit board, the effect of the specific advantages of the laser laser laser marking machine as follows:

1, can solve the spurt the cij printer, screen printing, etc. Will not be able to realize high density, small mark effect.

2, laser marking machine is able to solve the laser marking machine, silk-screen printing supplies need to waste a lot of problems, such as overhead costs for businesses to save unnecessary costs.

3, marking laser technology is a kind of non-contact and to damage the marking form, in a mark wouldn't hurt in the process of PCB surface material.

4, marking on the PCB will not with the passage of time and the influence of external factors caused by markers are blurred or wipe away with people easily, with the characteristics of a permanent effective anti-counterfeiting effect.

5, a laser target marking technology is a traditional screen printing, printing ink code about three times, to speed up the production speed, improve the working efficiency.

in v. , a new generation of PCB after marking in laser printer can help the appearance of their products to promote the class a, can make up for screen printing and printing mechanic code of deficiency, thus can satisfy the precision, fine, flexible contour standard marking requirements, and at the same time also can reduce the cost and reduce pollution to the environment. Laser marking machine is able to help the PCB industry to provide more broad space for development, make it get more recognition.
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