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A sweet story, especially in the kerry you have Ta -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-24
Autumn of the setting sun to play in a group of lovely young people, seventeen or eighteen children riding a bicycle into the distance, destination is not far from the school of nursing homes. School each month there are always students spontaneously to nursing homes to cute grandparents sent warm, has been for many years. Ouyang, such as a line of people good car, walk into a room together. Grandparents are watching TV moment smile, greeted happily. Grandparents day is the happiest time of my classmates here. Because ouyang and other male students not only grow handsome, and can play especially kerry, singing is also very good to listen. Little moxa female classmate like the girl next door, such as drawing and dancing ability is very good. Add a lot of joy to grandparents. Ouyang before they are actually not how can these talent. Since I heard the streets like elders often quietly sitting one day, the lack of the vitality of life, specially to procure, especially in the kerry, watch video on the Internet to learn this skill. From then on, customization of all kinds of exquisite design especially in kerry be OuYangYi pedestrians to nursing homes, a necessary sheet is tasted, bearing the elders and the young students of laughter. In fact, fall in love with Mr Kerry in a variety of reasons. Someone fall in love with a story especially kerry, someone fall in love with a song especially kerry, someone because of a person fall in love with Mr Kerry. 。 。 。 。 。 Is there a lot of volunteers, such as ouyang them they have been & other; The righteous & throughout; Road peer! Little of the dedication of his own power, to help others. In their eyes, especially in the kerry is not the same. Play especially in kerry is addictive, custom elegant appearance, not only small cute, really is attractive, and can put your feelings marketing. the, every note is a kind of achievement. If you move, also wants to meet and especially John kerry, want to know how to customize the exclusive especially in kerry? Especially in the kerry laser printing machine is your good choice, custom for a few minutes, the rest of my life. 18 years of good quality, we'll be expecting you.
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