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A variety of barcode printing methods, the inkjet printer effect is remarkable

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-12-17

Commodity barcode regulations stipulate that six categories of commodities must have barcodes. When sold in shopping malls or supermarkets, barcodes are like the 'identity card' of commodities. They have strong anti-counterfeiting functions and are available in the market.

The use of this on the market to combat counterfeit and shoddy products and rectify market order has a significant effect. According to regulations, all the six categories of pre-packaged products produced in Jiangsu Province,

should be marked with commodity barcodes in the product label: food, cigarettes, alcohol, beverages; health care Products, cosmetics, medical equipment; daily chemicals; children’s toys; home appliances; fertilizers, pesticides.

The product barcode is generally printed on the product packaging, or it is made into a barcode label and attached to the product. For small batch products, the barcode can also be printed on a sticker.

Paste it. Coding machines and inkjet printers are generally used for printing on commodity packaging. The commonly used equipment for attaching barcode labels to commodities is labeling machines.

At present, ribbon coders, pneumatic coders, and ink wheel coders are mainly used in the market. They all have their own differences! Ink roller coding and printing times are more extensive.

It is more widely used, such as some small companies. The reason is simple. The price is the most affordable. His disadvantage is that it is easy to wipe off, and the adhesion is not strong! And the ribbon coding. The price is more expensive than

Ink wheel. The print looks better and is harder to wipe. It looks so cute! If there is an oily food belt. The effect of printing will not be very good! Let’s talk about the printer.

His performance may be the best machine used in this line of examples. His consumable is ink. The ink of the cij printer is characterized by strong adhesion and the effect is very clear. Coding

The machine is a device that is controlled by software and uses a non-contact method to mark the product. In terms of work patterns: one type is online cij printers, which are mainly used for

flow production lines; the first type of mobile inkjet printers is that the objects to be sprayed are not Mobile, inkjet mobile, similar to handheld cij printers on the market.

The labeling machine is a device that sticks paper or metal foil labels on a specified packaging container with an adhesive. The main categories of labeling machines are: self-adhesive labeling machine, sleeve labeling machine

, round bottle labeling machine, beer labeling machine, semi-automatic labeling machine, labeling Machine, automatic labeling machine, automatic labeling machine, labeling machine, automatic labeling machine, hot melt

adhesive labeling machine.

All retail commodities, such as food, beverages, cigarettes, native products, clothing, shoes and hats, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, toothpaste, soap, washing powder, etc. daily use< /p>

Artificial products, books, films, blank tapes and other information chemicals, cultural, educational and sporting goods, arts and crafts and toys, daily-use plastic products and daily-use rubber products, Japan< /p>

Use enamel products, tableware and drinking utensils, televisions, radios, tape recorders, refrigerators, washing machines and other household appliances, hand tools, scissors and other daily hardware products, Japan

Barcodes are suitable for sundries. Commodity barcodes bring great wealth to the packaging machinery industry.

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