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About the characteristics of inkjet printers used in the logistics industry

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-18

ufeffInkjet printer technology is an automatic identification technology that is produced and developed in computer applications. It aims to realize automatic scanning of information and is an effective means of collecting data quickly, accurately and reliably. The application of bar code technology solves the 'bottleneck' problem of data input and data collection, and provides favorable technical support for supply chain management. It is an economical and practical automatic identification technology so far.

technology has the following characteristics:

Advantages: fast input speed, high reliability, large amount of information collected, flexible and practical, barcode equipment operation Convenient, bar code label is easy to manufacture, high efficiency, low cost, etc.

Disadvantages: It is easy to scratch and needs outer processing protection, the printing plane is easy to be uneven, easy to dust pollution, the base paper or the back mark is curled, and the scanner specifications are different.

Application of cij printer technology:

The inkjet printer is a code that uses an optical electric scanning reading device to input data into a computer. It is a set of strips and empty symbols arranged according to specific coding rules to represent certain characters, numbers and symbols. The data bar code composed of these strips and spaces represents certain information, including static information. Product name, specification, quantity, manufacturer, etc.; there may also be dynamic information, such as batch number, assembly line, production date, shelf life, shipping location, arrival location, receiving unit and waybill number. Barcode recognition converts the data represented by the barcode into data that can be automatically collected by a computer. The reading device consists of a scanner and a decoder. The scanner converts the bar code symbols into digital signals, and the decoder converts the digital pulse information into information represented by the bar code.

In the field of supply chain logistics, barcode technology is like a link, which links information about the product life cycle to track the entire process from production to sales.

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