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About the laser marking equipment analysis of the five common problems

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-09-25
In the previous article to share almost all is about the application of laser marking machine and laser marking machine's advantage characteristics, but little to bring us to share the common failures of laser marking machine, although mentioned in the previous articles about 'why laser marking opportunity arises to play without the word', but as if in a subsequent article, there is no mention of the analysis of the common problems that laser machine. So before National Day holiday to catch up on some about laser marking equipment analysis as well as some common five problems in the solution:

problem a: laser marking machine laser scanning has no reaction solution: check whether the power supply is normal boot, check whether the lamp is damaged, check whether the lens cover is open, check whether the signal is normal, check whether computer software malfunction question question 2: laser marking printing by there is not clear, fuzzy solution: check whether the marking surface with a mirror in a parallel state, check whether the field lens surface is clean, check whether there is a stain or object to be marking has concave and convex surface of three problems: the marking depth is too shallow, did not achieve the desired effect solution: check the power setting and the appropriate percentage of big, adjust the height of the object to be marking on the focal plane, adjust the appropriate marking speed, to ensure the stability of the power supply output power problem four: laser machine vibrating mirror lens case marking distortion of solution: with attachments of the relevant data of corrective problem five: why can't find the control card software will be prompted to say?

solution: if because version of the card slot is loose shutdown to insert the card start again, if a driver is accidentally deleted then reinstall the driver can

in v is about the five problem analysis of laser marking machine, although laser marking machine has hundreds of hours of life, also has 20000 hours of maintenance free time, but also very difficult to have some trouble. So the share in the form of introduction and clear to analyze the problems and corresponding solution, hope to help everyone!
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