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About the problem of missing half of the inkjet printing fonts and the solutions

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-05
Regarding the problem of missing half of the inkjet printing fonts, I believe many friends who have used cij printers have encountered it. In the process of using the inkjet printer, the upper or lower part of the font is missing. How to solve this problem? What is the reason for this problem? In this article I will talk about it in detail. Reason 1. The ink line is not at the correct position of the recycling hole by the side of the recycling hole, and the ink dots cannot be offset to the outside of the recycling hole, resulting in half of the font missing. Solution: Return the ink line to the original position of the recovery hole. The second reason is that the font height is wrong. If the font is edited with a large font but the height of the font is small, the font will limit the height of the font and become half missing. Solution: Adjust the character height to the proper size of the font. Reason three: The ink on the wall outside the recycling hole blocks the ink dots from shifting to the outside, resulting in half of the font missing. Solution: First of all, the ink line is in the correct position of the recovery hole, as long as it is cleaned around the recovery hole. The fourth reason is that the high-pressure board sucks ink away, causing half of the font to be missing. Solution: Check if there is something or the ink is connected to the high-voltage board and the voltage is transmitted away, or if the two high-voltage boards are connected to the thing or the ink and cause a short circuit. As long as the high-pressure board is cleaned, nothing else is connected to the high-pressure board. The ink jet printing should return to normal. The above solution to the lack of half of the fonts can be applied to most cij printers, but there are also cij printers that cannot be applied, which should be dealt with according to the actual situation of the cij printer. If you encounter a problem you don’t understand, it’s best to communicate with the maintenance personnel or let the maintenance personnel repair it.
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