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About the uv printing machine how much do you know what?

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-25
About the uv printing machine how much do you know what? Source: this site author: admin1 date: 2018 - 9 - 14 browsing: 0

must be for a lot of new customers who want to know the uv printing machine a spurt the code machine? Uv printing machine for what common printing equipment is a new type of printing equipment, is in fact in order to solve the bottleneck of equipments of printing technology, make its have a better breakthrough, and implemented without plate making one-time printing task, on the spray printing effect also solve the ordinary spurt the cij printer by objective factors on ink series of problems. Essentially the uv printing machine using uv ink is also is a kind of need under ultraviolet light will dry ink, so it is a relatively special printing equipment.

application from uv laser marking machine industry: at its main advantage lies in a variable code printing and packaging ways, some of the common qr code information, one dimensional code information, multi-line graphic and numeric characters identify content can be large-format switching jet printing, spray printing speed and high resolution superiority characteristic, very suitable for use in printing and packaging plant.

from uv printing machine has got target height: ordinary spurt the cij printer is sprayed to the height of the seal may be limited to 1. Between 3 mm ~ 12 mm, it can't meet the needs of businesses need to undertake various spray printing effect, and the uv printing machine of the height of a single nozzle spray can print 72 mm, sometimes a host can have six memory nozzle seamless splicing, in other words is to be able to achieve 430 mm large amplitude range of code for some of the carton side panel of the whole code has a very good spray printing effect.

from the point of the price of uv printing machine: due to the technology, function, equipment and so on many factors to consider, the price will inevitably than regular price to spurt the code machine is relative taller, is how to define the specific need manufacturer.

from the perspective on the role of uv printing machine: for now is widely used in security traceability is the qr code information, and because of that the uv printing machine in graces and can do a perfect transformation of a yard. From traditional offline marketing to online relay of Internet marketing, effective effect of increasing the interaction between brand and consumer goods, also be helpful for brand publicity and influence. In addition to the qr code information of the mark, also includes some merchandise to the basic identity information, Date of production, the company name, logo, logo, etc. ) 。

all in all, whether it could be any dearer uv laser marking machine on the performance and use of basic same, mainly depends on the nozzle of the cij printer, use the other form such as ink is high quality, or whether it is imported from. As long as no buy inferior material collocation is used, not appear abnormal operation basically not too big relations, the detailed information is consult customer service or related technical personnel.
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