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Acrylic Laser Marking Machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-02-06

Acrylic is a transparent material. It has the transparency of glass but is not as easy to break as glass. Because acrylic has good processing properties, a large number of acrylic industrial products are produced.

Acrylic is used in a wide range of fields, such as: shop windows, telephone booths, light boxes, advertising lights, display racks, train doors and windows, instrument panels, screens, etc., due to the cost of acrylic materials High, the production is difficult, sometimes it is necessary to etch logo or text on acrylic, and it is difficult for ordinary coders or printers to meet the production requirements.

Laser marking machine is the most advanced marking equipment in the world. It not only has good marking quality, long service life, flexible installation and maintenance-free, but also the marking pattern is durable , it will not become lighter and lighter over time. It is more suitable to apply the laser marking machine to the acrylic material marking process.

According to the characteristics of the laser marking machine, both the CO2 laser marking machine and the UV laser marking machine can engrave patterns on acrylic materials, so both of them can be called It is an acrylic laser marking machine. When choosing a laser marking machine, it can be matched according to the specific needs of acrylic products. For general marking requirements, you can choose co2 laser marking machine. If you need a more refined marking process, you can choose Ultraviolet laser marking machine, in terms of cost, ultraviolet laser marking machine is usually larger than CO2 laser marking machine.

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