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Advantages and application fields of MOPA laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-12-09

MOPA laser marking machine is a marking equipment using MOPA (adjustable pulse width) fiber laser. It has good pulse shape control ability and is compatible with Q-switching. Compared with fiber lasers, the pulse frequency and pulse width of MOPA fiber lasers are independently controllable. By adjusting and matching two laser parameters, a constant high peak power output can be achieved and it can be applied to a wider range of materials.

The pulse width of MOPA laser marking machine M1 is 4-200ns, and the pulse width of M6 is 2-200ns. The pulse width of the ordinary fiber laser marking machine is 118-126ns. It can be seen that the pulse width of the MOPA laser marking machine can be adjusted in a wider range, so it is also understood why some products cannot be marked by the ordinary fiber laser marking machine The effect of using MOPA laser marking machine can be achieved.

MOPA laser marking machine is suitable for the fine marking process of metal and non-metal materials, such as laser engraving of digital product parts, mobile phone keys, transparent keys, mobile phone shells, Surface treatments such as key panels, electronic components, oxidation, plastic marking, handicrafts and gifts, oxidation treatment and coating electroplating spraying.

MOPA laser marking machine is mainly used in stainless steel color marking, aluminum oxide blackening, anode stripping, coating stripping, semiconductor and electronics industries, plastics and other sensitive materials marking And PVC plastic pipe industry.

However, when many customers purchase MOPA laser marking machines, they expect that its processing speed will be the same as that of ordinary fiber laser marking machines, but this is obviously counterproductive. These two technologies are different. When engraving color effects, the machine needs to mark with minimal shadow effects at high frequencies. This makes the engraving resolution high, but at the same time the engraving speed is relatively slow.

In addition, MOPA laser marking machine may have no advantage in deep metal engraving, because there is no advantage in single pulse energy, but the effect is more delicate than ordinary laser The marking machine is a good one. Therefore, before customers choose to purchase MOPA laser marking machine, they need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of this type of laser marking machine.

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