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Advantages and applications of small laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-04-16

Principle of UV laser marking machine: The reaction mechanism of UV laser processing is realized by photochemical ablation. That is, relying on the laser energy to break the bonds between atoms or molecules, making them vaporize and evaporate into small molecules.

Applicable industries:

It is used for fine marking, fine cutting and micro processing of special materials, mainly used for various glass, Marking and surface treatment of LCD screens, textiles, thin ceramics, semiconductor silicon wafers, IC die, sapphire, polymer films and other materials.

Ultraviolet laser marking equipment has the advantages of high precision, simple drawing, no loss, no pollution, and easy operation. It has become an upstart in the glass product processing industry, and has been listed as essential processing equipment by major glass product companies, such as wine glasses, water glasses, wine bottles, handicrafts and so on.

Ultraviolet laser marking uses a short wave with a wavelength of 355mm, and its focused spot is extremely small, which can effectively reduce the deformation of the material and the thermal influence of processing when processing the workpiece. Therefore, the UV laser marking machine is mainly used in ultra-fine marking and engraving, such as: food and medicine packaging, micro-hole marking, high-speed division of glass materials, silicon crystal cutting and other fields.

Advantages of laser marking machine:

1. UV laser marking machine has a wide range of applicability, most non- Metal materials can be processed;

2. The UV laser marking machine has good performance, uniform power density, stable output power, extremely fine spot, and small thermal influence;


3. The UV laser marking machine is easy to operate and has no consumables, which can greatly reduce the cost of materials and improve the efficiency of finished products;

4. The design is flexible, can be operated manually, or can be transformed into an automatic production line;

5. No consumables, low maintenance cost;

6. Computer operation, easy to use, pictures, texts, and languages u200bu200bof various countries can be easily marked, no need for molds, and direct computer software input can be done;

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