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Advantages and disadvantages of coding equipment and inkjet equipment

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-12-14

The printer is a non-contact inkjet marking system controlled by a single-chip microcomputer. By controlling the internal gear pump or supplying compressed gas from the outside of the machine, it applies a certain pressure to the ink in the system, so that the ink passes through a range of tens of micrometers. Aperture nozzles shoot out and hit different positions on the surface of the product to form various characters, patterns, etc. as needed.

The advantages and disadvantages of the printer

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Advantages: The printer is easy to use, and can be used after it is warmed up after the power is turned on. Consumables include ribbon and ink roller, low cost, simple operation, and occupy a small area. Generally small enterprises use them widely.

Disadvantages: general adhesion, if wiped with alcohol for many times, it may fade, prone to dripping and dripping! Food bags will not be clean . It’s troublesome to change the date. Printing

The content is limited, commonly used words, numbers, and printed items are limited. The paper and plastic bags must be relatively flat before printing. The font size is limited.

The inkjet printer is a device that is controlled by software and uses non-contact methods to mark the product. According to the working principle of the cij printer, the cij printer can be divided into

continuous jet cij printer, drip-jet printer on demand There are three major categories of printers and laser printers.

The printer logo has the following advantages:


Because it is a jetted ink, it does not need to be in direct contact with the surface of the work object and will not damage the printed object Surface

(2) Fast speed

With soda Take the production of cola as an example, it can reach more than 1,000 bottles per minute.

(3) Easy to edit and modify the content of the printing data

Since the data is controlled by a computer, the data can be easily changed. The data can be added with variable data such as date and time, serial number, batch number, etc.

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(4) Wide range of surface materials applied

The printer has a variety of different inks to choose from, whether it is paper, plastic, metal, glass, hard surfaces or soft and fragile surfaces, it can be good

Good printing effect.

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