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Advantages and disadvantages of small character coding equipment

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-04-26
Small character inkjet printers currently have a wide range of applications: food, medicine, electronics, auto parts, building materials, chemicals, steel, and so on. It can be said that as long as a product with a certain output has variable identification requirements, small character cij printers may be required.   1. Advantages of small character cij printer: 1. Fast printing speed. Generally, it can reach 147m/min, which can meet the needs of production lines in many industries. 2. The degree of machine automation is relatively high.   One person can basically operate several machines. 3. The ink drying speed is very fast. Usually it will solidify in about 0.1s.   2. Compared with high-resolution machines, the shortcomings of small character inkjet printers: 1. The imaging pixels are not very high. 2. The ejected graphics are not very beautiful. 3. Need to use thinner.  Introduction to the working principle of the inkjet printer:   For the small character inkjet printer, it is a way of using the ink to be charged and then deflected to spray the ink on the surface of various products according to the pre-order. Then, the ink dot position is controlled by using the power of the ink charging. Because the general ink dot only changes in the vertical direction, it is necessary to maintain the relative displacement of the printer head and the product to achieve the predetermined packaging effect. The characteristics of    small character cij printers are mainly manifested in the following four points:    packaging speed is very fast, according to the packaging speed of ordinary soda cola, it can reach more than one thousand bottles per hour.  Because this kind of cij printer uses non-contact inkjet packaging, the nozzle of the inkjet printer will not contact the surface of the packaging material, and will not cause damage to the surface of the packaging material.
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