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Advantages and disadvantages of UV laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-03-14

Ultraviolet laser marking machine is no stranger to us after years of development and improvement. Some people have heard of it, some people know its use, and some people will use laser marking machine and ink jet Code machine confusion.... But it is difficult to know the advantages of the UV laser marking machine, and it is even more difficult to know its shortcomings. Even the merchants will only tell you how their machines are good and what to pay attention to when using them. They will not tell you. Where is our machine not good and so on. From this question, you can clearly understand the advantages of the UV laser marking machine, instead of knowing it piecemeal, and you can also come into contact with the shortcomings of this UV laser equipment.

All laser marking machines have similar advantages and disadvantages, not only UV laser marking machines, other laser marking machines can also be used as a reference according to this article.

Advantages of UV laser marking machine:

1. No consumables are needed, and it is not easy to be erased

The UV laser marking machine does not require consumables in the marking, and the physical or chemical reaction with the product forms the pattern text, which is easily erased.

Second, micron marking, fast speed

The UV laser marking machine marks fine, and the deviation rate can reach the micron level. The marking line can be adjusted to less than or equal to 10 microns, and can be used as a nano-laser to engrave 100 I love you. The plastic is marked with a marking speed of 7000mm/s, and five ordinary-sized characters can be marked in only 3s.

Third, cold laser marking, small thermal impact

The wavelength of the ultraviolet laser marking machine is 355nm, which belongs to the cold laser technology , The cold processing of the product, especially in the marking of plastic and other materials has a great advantage, and the quality of the processing will be greatly improved and improved when the thermal impact is small.

Fourth, long life, stable performance, maintenance-free

The life of the UV laser marking machine can reach 7w hours free of charge Maintenance, the theoretical life can be up to 10w hours, beyond the scheduled use period, the light output will become weaker, reminding the need to replace the laser. No consumables are required for life, and only need to be connected to the power supply, which reduces later maintenance costs. The power of the whole machine is determined according to the power of the UV laser marking machine. It is generally between 500w and 1000w in the working state, and the working performance is stable. After adjustment, there will be no deviation, and the marking is not clear.

Five, powerful functions

It can be customized according to customer needs for rotary marking, assembly line marking, internal and external marking, etc. Ability to automate work. The marking software has good compatibility, supports mainstream image formats, and can directly use SHX and TTF fonts.

Through the five advantages, we understand the power of the UV laser marking machine, and we have the urge to buy it, but don't worry, let's take a look at the UV laser marking machine first After understanding the advantages and disadvantages, I will analyze whether this UV laser marking machine is suitable for my own use.

Disadvantages of UV laser marking machine:

First, the product material is targeted:

In theory, the UV laser marking machine cannot mark metal products, and wood products cannot be marked. If you need to mark metal products, it is recommended to use a fiber laser marking machine. If you need to mark wood products, it is recommended to use a carbon dioxide laser marking machine. If these two types of material products only need to destroy the surface paint to form Font, UV laser marking machine can also do it.

Second, expensive and difficult to move Price for pcs CO2 laser marking machine, 3-4 pcs fiber laser marking machine. The whole UV laser marking machine is about 200kg (with a water tank). The plane moves at a short distance and there are pulleys that can move properly. It is a little difficult to move at a long distance. If it is automated, it will be more difficult to move. The parameter position needs to be adjusted well before the corresponding effect can be played.

3. Maintenance

In terms of maintenance, it is necessary to pay attention to dustproof, antifreeze, and lasers during use If the temperature is too high, it will alarm, check whether the water in the water tank is sufficient for water cooling, and pay attention to whether there is too much dust in the fan for air cooling. It is recommended to use it in a clean room and indoor use above 0°C. In order to achieve normal life, if the maintenance is not good, the life of the laser will be greatly reduced.

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