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Advantages, disadvantages and applications of laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-03-11

Logo needs to be marked for every manufacturer. It is not difficult to find that household appliances ranging from refrigerators and washing machines to small nail clippers have logo marks. What are these marks marked with? There are three types of logo machines, ink jet printers, 3D printers and laser marking machines. The characteristics of various marks are different. Here we introduce the application of logo laser marking machines.

At present, the technology of the logo laser marking machine is relatively mature, the machine equipment does not need a separate format, supports the mainstream picture format, the marking is convenient, and there is no need for secondary logo production, logo marking The size can be adjusted directly on the marking software. At present, the logo laser marking machine basically does not limit the products. It can be said that most products can be marked, and many products can basically replace the previous ink jet printers.

Nowadays, in the era of electronic consumption, it also promotes the rise of laser marking machine marking and abandons ink jet printers. There are two main reasons: it does not comply with ROHS Standard, the second: can not form permanent marks, can not withstand wear, and laser marking machine is a non-contact marking, does not require consumables, will not cause pollution to the product, generally a chemical reaction with the product can have a physical reaction part of the material Forms marks that are not easily erased.

In terms of marking efficiency, the laser marking machine has the advantages of fast marking speed, easy automation, no need for consumables, which greatly saves the cost of marking, and It can meet the logo marking of various products, and the effect after marking may be better than other marking equipment.

After years of development and improvement, it is not unfamiliar to us, some people have heard of it, some people know its purpose, and some people will use the laser The marking machine and the ink jet printer are confused..., but it is difficult for us to know the advantages, and it is even more difficult to know the disadvantages. Even the merchants will only tell you how good their machines are and how to use them. What should I pay attention to, I won't tell you what's wrong with our machine, etc. From this question, you can clearly understand the advantages, instead of knowing it piecemeal, you can also get access to this ultraviolet laser What are the shortcomings of the device.

All laser marking machines have similar advantages and disadvantages, not only, other laser marking machines can also be used as a reference according to this article.

Advantages: .

First, no consumables are needed, and it is not easy to be erased.

There is no need for consumables in the marking mark, and the pattern text is formed by physical or chemical reaction with the product, which is easily erased.

Second, the micron marking is fast.

The marking is fine, the deviation rate can reach the micron level, the marking line can be adjusted to less than or equal to 10 microns, and it can be used as a nano-laser to engrave 100 UV laser marking I love you machine, marking on plastic with a marking speed of 7000mm/s, five normal-sized characters can be marked in only 3s.

Third, cold laser marking has little thermal influence.

The wavelength is 355nm, which belongs to the cold laser technology, and the products are processed by cold processing, especially in the case of marking plastics and other materials, which has a great advantage, and the thermal influence is small. The quality will also be greatly improved and improved.

Fourth, long life, stable performance and maintenance-free.

The lifespan can reach 7w hours maintenance-free, and the theoretical life can reach 10w hours. If it exceeds the scheduled service life, the light output will become weaker, reminding that the laser needs to be replaced, which is not required for life. The consumables only need to be connected to the power supply, which reduces the maintenance cost in the later period. The power of the whole machine is determined according to the power. It is generally between 500w-1000w under the working state, and the working performance is stable. After adjustment, there will be no hits. biased, unclear marks, etc.

Fifth, powerful functions.

Can be customized according to customer needs for rotary marking, assembly line marking inside and outside marking, etc., can achieve automatic work, marking software compatibility is good, support mainstream image formats, At the same time, SHX and TTF fonts can be used directly.

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