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Advantages of anti-counterfeiting technology of inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-07
The anti-counterfeiting effect of cij printers is obvious to all. Nowadays, many large enterprises are using cij printers in large quantities, which not only speeds up production efficiency, but also improves product visibility. What are the advantages of the anti-counterfeiting technology of the cij printer? 1. Advanced anti-counterfeiting technology. This technology is the first in my country, and its technical performance has been tested by the Ministry of Public Security and the Guangdong Provincial Inspection Department. It is easy to use, safe and reliable. 2. Simple operation. The anti-counterfeiting technology is very convenient whether it is spraying code on the product, or spraying code on the label, or attaching it to the product in other forms. When it is necessary to identify the authenticity of the product, just enter the identification code into the recognizer and press the recognition key. After the recognizer is encrypted, the display code will appear. If the display code is the same as the number on the product, the product is genuine, and vice versa. It's fake. 3. Low anti-counterfeiting cost. For coding on batches of products, the cost of coding each product is only less than 0.01 yuan; in the process of product sales, only a certain number of data transmitters and recognizers are required, and the data transmitters and recognizers can be reused And the service life is quite long. 4. Wide application range. It can be applied to anti-counterfeiting of light and heavy industrial products such as tobacco and alcohol, food, cosmetics, decoration materials, hardware tools, machinery, auto parts, electronic products, home appliances, electronic computers, pesticides, cosmetics, etc. 5. Strong anti-counterfeiting. Even experts using supercomputers or any other advanced means cannot decipher the password, and cannot obtain the password data. This anti-counterfeiting technology has formed a technical barrier. 6. With traceability. According to the identification code, the person responsible for the quality of the product produced by the manufacturer can be traced to each product. It can be seen from this that the various advantages of inkjet anti-counterfeiting technology, choosing inkjet anti-counterfeiting technology is the best choice for manufacturers.
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