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Advantages of egg printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-14
With the continuous reform of the times, people’s quality of life is more demanding, and more and more attention is paid to food safety. Many companies choose our cij printers to code eggs, further improving the reputation of their products and The popularity of the product, egg cij printer has the following advantages. The egg cij printer is convenient and fast to operate, and the high-speed entire plate inkjet printing method, the average inkjet speed is as high as 200-400 per minute. The egg inkjet printer can automatically identify the eggs in any arrangement and directly mark them on the egg products. Production date, expiration date, factory name, product name, brand, batch number, anti-counterfeiting mark, green food mark, so as to be safe, environmentally friendly and healthy, and make egg products show their grades. Consumers can directly buy branded egg products. Improve the product's own image, so that each egg product has its own 'ID card'!    The advantages of egg printers, first of all, price advantage, lower prices, better products, which can best meet the requirements of our customers. This type of egg printer meets this point. As soon as it went on the market, there were many customers who consulted. Secondly, the operational advantage: fully automatic coding, only need to put the entire plate of eggs on it. The coding of tens of thousands of eggs. Finally, maintenance advantages: our inkjet printer has a nozzle and an ink path, which minimizes the failure rate, and even if a problem occurs, it can be solved in time without delaying the workload of the day.   The egg cij printer is equipped with a computer-controlled special shuttle conveyor, which is fast, efficient and accurate! It can use special and ordinary inks, and it can also print black, red, blue and other colors. The highest printing speed and the most comprehensive interface functions enable it to be connected with various egg sorting and grading equipment to ensure high-speed and high-quality logo printing. Clean, clear and consistent quality codes can be printed on various egg surfaces (including permeable surfaces and after oiling). Even if the eggs are transferred from a cold environment to a hot environment and condensation occurs, they can still maintain a good spray. Code quality. Egg inkjet printer type: general-purpose model; general-purpose model for dot matrix and physical characters; can print all characters and fonts; can print trademarks and various patterns; can print various bar codes; external databases and databases Printing; printing of manufacturing, effective date, time and real-time time, shift code; positive and negative printing is optional, adapting to the direction of the conveyor belt; the purchase cost is one-third lower, and the use cost is two-thirds lower! It can be yours Products bring multiple benefits such as low cost, high efficiency, and high-end. Increasing the reputation of chicken farms and becoming a well-known brand of eggs is the only way for the breeding industry!    If you need to code your eggs, please call us, sales hotline: 020-87227827. If you want to know more about egg printer brands, egg production date printers, and small egg printers, you can log on to our official website:.
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