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Advantages of laser engraving in the apparel industry

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-11-20

Laser engraving is a laser processing process in which a high-energy laser beam is projected onto the surface of the material, and the thermal effect generated by the laser is used to produce a clear pattern on the surface of the material. It is one of the laser processing methods. Laser engraving is widely used in various industries, and the advantages of laser engraving in the apparel industry have gradually become prominent after recent years of development.

Compared with traditional patterns such as printing, jacquard and embroidery, laser engraving has many advantages. 'The traditional process is complicated, the labor process is long, and the cost is high; while laser engraving can complete a work in as little as 5 minutes, saving time and effort, and low cost. Most importantly, laser engraving truly achieves customer satisfaction. “Private customization” requires that one or two works can be completed immediately, unlike printing, jacquard and other products that require mass production.'

Laser engraving machines are generally used to cut plexiglass, wood and other materials, and are used in textiles and garments. The field is also mainly used for cutting fabrics. But in a laser engraving course offered by Zhejiang Textile and Apparel Vocational and Technical College, teachers and students ingeniously connect the laser engraving machine with the computer, carry out the carving process on the fabric, and use the unique pattern design to push the design products into the classroom. Outside the market.

Laser engraving has the following advantages:

1. Time-saving: It only takes 2 minutes to make a 5*5cm metal sheet.

2 , The laser engraving machine does not have any consumables and vulnerable products, and consumes about 0.5 kilowatt-hours of electricity per hour.

3, environmental protection and energy saving, the metal laser marking engraving machine does not require any chemical reagents when engraving. Will not produce chemical effects.

4. Small size and simple operation.

5. Reliable quality, stable performance, high integration, long life, zero maintenance cost.

6. The use of this software system is simple and easy to learn, and the operation is very simple

The above features make laser engraving increasingly popular in the market, and the development of laser technology is also obvious. The future development of laser processing technology is also immeasurable.

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