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Advantages of logistics barcode application inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-07-30
The logistics bar code is a special code used to identify the logistics field during the entire transportation process, including the shared data of the transportation logistics process and consumers. The feedback of these data can improve the efficiency of the entire logistics system. The logistics bar code can store a large amount of information, as long as it is all kinds of information about the company's manufacturers and products. Before the product leaves the factory and enters the market, the company can enter relevant information about its own product on the logistics bar code according to actual needs, such as password numbers, or the entire bar code. The advantages of logistics barcode application logistics cij printer: 1. The barcode printed by the logistics inkjet printer is variable and the code is unique. Printing variable barcodes, each item is uniquely coded. 2. Convenient tracking. The uniqueness of each bar code is conducive to tracking and directly understanding the important links of the entire process of logistics storage and transportation. 3. High accuracy and high scanning rate. The logistics barcode printer automatically prints codes according to the required database content, with lower error rate and higher accuracy scanning rate. 4. High efficiency. Logistics bar codes can improve the efficiency of scanning in transportation and save time.
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