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Advantages of product batch number packaging inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-31

Modern product production attaches great importance to product packaging. Modern packaging requires various marks and patterns such as production date, batch number, and bar code on the product packaging. The batch number of the product must be present, because the traceability of the product, the management of product quality and the management of sub-regions must be printed with the logo. The use of product batch number packaging cij printers can achieve the purpose of printing.

Product batch numbers, shifts, and production dates must be directly printed on the product packaging, to make each product have good traceability, to facilitate enterprise quality management and product area management, of course, it is necessary The use of inkjet printers. Nowadays, there are many types of cij printers, which can print different types of content. It is not the same inkjet printer to print product batch numbers or print pattern text. Of course, there can also be more integrated cij printers with switching functions. It is more convenient, using one inkjet industrial inkjet printer to complete different types of inkjet printing work. The product batch number packaging inkjet printer is to print the batch number on the product, which is to prevent the product from fleeing the goods and better the circulation of the final product. With the coding equipment that can print the batch number of the product, printing the batch number of the product will greatly improve the production efficiency.

The automatic cleaning cij printer can be used to clean the nozzles, prevent the nozzles from clogging, and better maintain the equipment. There is a low-cost operation mode that does not require frequent replacement of ink cartridges, which greatly saves the cost of consumables. In terms of inkjet printing technology, you can rest assured that professional cij printer manufacturers use modern high-tech technology to achieve Ru0026D and production, to ensure the stable performance of the cij printer, reliable operation, and continuous work for 24 hours. The product batch number packaging inkjet printer has a good anti-counterfeiting effect and effectively suppresses the counterfeiting of the logo.

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