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Advantages of small character laser printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-04-14
At present, the small character cij printer is the most used automatic coding equipment. The basic principle of the built-in pump technology is that the ink is pressurized by the pump, and the ink is ejected at high speed and high pressure. The pressure is well controlled. The ejected ink dots are stable and deflected by the electric field. After that, the coding information is obtained, so the performance of the air source coding technology inkjet equipment should be stable.   Small character inkjet printer built-in pump technology advantages   1. The ink circuit design is simpler, the internal components are simple in structure, and the maintenance is very convenient.  2. The ink path is completely closed, air cannot enter the ink path, fine dust will not enter the ink and pollute the ink, and the ink will not leak out.  3. The machine is smaller in size and more powerful. Some manufacturers have more beautiful barcodes.  4. Lower cost and lower cost. The ink circuit is fully enclosed and consumes less consumables.   5. Fully automatic cleaning and maintenance.
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