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Advantages of using inkjet printers for electronic product labels

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-12-06

Electronic product label is an important way for consumers to obtain product information. Production, circulation, distribution, etc. are closely related and have a significant impact on the operation of enterprises. Electronic product label information is mainly identified by labeling and coding. Generally, the cost of labeling is several times higher than that of coding. Labeling requires not only batch printing of self-adhesive labels, but also labeling machines or manual labor. Labeling manually.

Electronic product labels generally contain LOGO, barcode, size, model, production date, batch number and manufacturer name, etc., which are clearly printed on the surface of electronic products. Only UV Several coding equipment such as inkjet printers, laser inkjet printers, and thermal foam inkjet printers can do it.

The thermal foaming cij printer and the UV cij printer are both high-resolution inkjet printers, which can print high-quality barcodes; the thermal foaming cij printer has low initial investment, However, the cost of consumables in mass production is high, and in terms of printing quality, UV cij printers are even better.

The laser printing machine has no consumables, has a long life, and can operate in harsh environments. The marking effect is corrosion-resistant and prevents malicious tampering; however, laser engraving is easy to damage electronic products. The surface is damaged, and the definition of the bar code printed is not as good as the high-resolution inkjet printer, and the laser printing speed is much slower when the content is more.

UV inkjet printer has developed a new type of inkjet equipment in recent years, which combines inkjet printing technology and The advantages of UV curing technology include the convenience of variable data online inkjet technology and the efficiency advantage of high adhesion UV curing. UV ink can be quickly dried after being irradiated with a certain range of ultraviolet light at a certain frequency. , So that the ink has the characteristics of quick-drying, good adhesion, no clogging of the nozzle, and easy maintenance.

Using UV inkjet printers can directly print label information on the surface of electronic products, without labeling in one step, saving costs and printing unique random anti-counterfeiting traceable barcodes at the same time , And can easily trace the anti-counterfeiting of electronic products. It can print all kinds of variable data in real time, including bar codes, two-dimensional codes, date and time, counters, LOGO, graphics, tables, databases, etc. The printed logo usually has the characteristics of high adhesion and abrasion resistance, which can ensure the long-term availability of label information in the circulation of electronic products.

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