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Affect the price of purple light laser marking machine four factors

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-02
Affect the price of the purple laser marking machine four factors, with the increase of hyperfine processing market demand with purple light laser marking machine is rising, and all kinds of marking vendors would emerge in endlessly, the purple light of laser marking machine price are also each are not identical, some even far, laser marking machine, the purple lights price is affected by what factors? 1, the production process, technical level leads to different price due to domestic and foreign markets, in the production of laser marking machine in the process of their production process, technical level is different, this also led to a different manufacturer of laser marking machine price gap between, generally more excellent imported laser marking machine equipment prices reach thousands, cheap purple light laser marking machine, the price also is in seventy thousand yuan of above, the domestic price is much higher 2, purple light, laser marking machine configuration is good or bad influence prices different configuration is different, the stand or fall of prices according to the configuration to qualitative. Configured laser accessories can bring a good advantage for laser marking machine, good quality for intake of laser light sources do not need to be strict position matching crystal technology, photoelectric automatic evenly for absorption; Laser application also to the overall power consumption is reduced, so the lower calorific value and wastage and low heat energy will not produce damage to anything; The energy output can be divided into more energy, and increase coordination, to coordinate multiple beam focused work; To the requirement of environment also cheaper, with dust and temperature tolerance can play a variety of environments. 3, purple light laser marking machine models of different influence prices before buying purple light laser marking machine, first of all to the products need to be marking material, material, type, type, and whether to need to meet the assembly line production mode. Through the analysis of these points to judge the first for marking machine, reason is not only to consider the factors can better meet the demand of marking, also can avoid unnecessary money. Now common laser marking machine can be divided into: carbon dioxide, fiber laser marking machine, semiconductor laser marking machine, such as a variety of different models, different models, the material is different, their prices are different. 4, see purple light laser marking vendors would usually purple light laser equipment warranty for one year, so the price relative to other laser equipment company is favorable; Some laser company is the quality of three years, but most of the laser machine service life are within two or three years; The above that influence factors of laser marking machine price! However, recommend buying laser marking machine, not only consider the price, also consider other factors, such as brand, quality and after-sales. We recommend that users in the choice before laser machine can be simple to understand the basic knowledge of choose and buy, and then choose the most suitable with your supplier is identified versions of the products.
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