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Against the norm - 'epidemic' This year to buy clothing, wearing custom -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-24
This year, the outbreak to too suddenly, is no small impact to all walks of life, especially in garment industry. People trapped in the home, out less, the garment was put in place of physical stores. Actually, industry survival background now changed, but the consumer quantity does not change, the demand of people also have not changed, the outbreak becomes inspection ability of enterprise itself and other Test & throughout; ! In custom industry, 3 - Change garments according to the time in April will have customized demand, and back to ease the outbreak of the workplace dress needs. Is restricted, the online clothing customization is a good choice! At home you need communication elements, in the home use textile laser printing machine can give customized clothing. Don't have to go out, at home can get everything, finally looking for express mail. Is self esteem? Outbreak will pass, as passive press industry & other Pause button & throughout; Restart, after a special & other; Shuffle the deck & throughout; Later, to have the ability to survive enterprise, perhaps, it is one good thing came out of another spring, will further promote the development of custom apparel industry.
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