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Agricultural seeds will have labels

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-12-14

Safer food starts with agricultural seeds

China is the first to use plants and other seeds for sowing, In ancient times, people used food as the sky. This is a common saying by the common people. In the past, people lived on the sky and depended on the sky to eat.

In catastrophe, people will live in suffering, so in ancient times, there were often rituals to sacrifice to the sky to express the hope that the weather will be smooth every year.

After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Yuan Longping, the father of rice, studied the increase in rice production, so that the Chinese people would not rely on the sky to eat, so that everyone had food to eat. All you can eat

Satisfaction, but today, we can eat rice everywhere, and we can buy the food we want. The variety of food is richer and more selective , We have begun to shift our attention to organic food, hoping to choose more healthy and safer rice as a daily necessities.

This year, the Deputy Director of the Seed Administration of the Ministry of Agriculture stipulated in the [Seed Law] and [Administrative Measures for Crop Seed Labels and Instructions] that all seeds will be < /p>

Sub-operators and producers collect relevant information on seeds, from the description of the main traits, main cultivation measures, adaptability and other use conditions of the seeds, and risk warnings


With relevant information services, relevant information collection, label and QR code management for each selected seed, the seed will enter the market with a brand-new identity system, when


Of course, the labels are produced one by one among seed operators and producers, which also brings new industry points to the cij printer industry. [Seed Law] mentions three A way to stick seeds

: For seeds that are not easy to pack, the label is printed and then pasted. For the filled seeds, the label will be sprayed, which is important for import and export. Seeds are printed with two-dimensional code

technology to ensure the traceability of all seeds.

With the increase in production, more seeds will be subject to identity management system one by one, and the selection of each seed will have its own independent identity to ensure that each of us

All of them are essences.

The development of the industry does not allow our companies to wait and see. All the products, brands and companies that have not started to invest in food coding and adopt traceability, we should more


Act fast. In the era of digital marketing, we must keep up with the pace of the times. The small character cij printer will enable each seed to verify and manage its own identity.

The industry continues to wait and see you will have no market.

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