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An excellent example of marking in the cable industry

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-12-15

The rapid development of the cable industry in the labeling industry has made his business connection with the labeling industry more and more close. in. The position occupied by inkjet printers is becoming more and more important. The rapid development of inkjet printers, to a certain extent, will make manufacturers in the cable industry feel dazzled when they choose inkjet printers.

In other words, due to the lack of certain experience, it is inevitable to fall into a misunderstanding in the choice of cij printers, and it is easy to choose inappropriate inkjet coding tools on the marking equipment. Based on its more than ten years of experience in the cable industry, rottweil cij printers can meet the marking needs of the cable industry and become a benchmark in the inkjet printer industry. Starting from the reality of the wire and cable industry, the quality and service of the machine are used to improve customer perception.

(1) The particularity of the cable industry requires the quality of inkjet printers to be excellent.

The coding requirements of the cable industry, to a certain extent, are a greater test for most domestic brands. For some international brands, high-end is required


The machine takes on the task of coding. For inkjet printer providers that master the core technology, inkjet printers in the cable industry need a detailed list of stability and inkjet printers.

The ink system and control system of the printer have their own core technology, which is represented by the stability of the cij printer, the speed of the inkjet printer, and the metering precision of the inkjet printer

The operability of the inkjet printer must have a good performance. In addition, the nozzles and accessories of the inkjet printer can be easily used and easily maintained. For many cij printer providers, this is partly a technical point that is currently difficult to break through.

In recent years, the proportion of rottweil inkjet printers in the cable industry has increased rapidly, because our machines have shown reliability and worthiness in the test of the market

Trust is the preferred brand and industry benchmark product for many cable manufacturers.

(2) Timely service leads to high-quality after-sales experience

For brands, while selling inkjet printers , The comprehensive inspection of the brand is the beginning. While the cable industry chooses to trust a brand, it will also have certain expectations for its performance and product performance. When some brands hurt users' feelings with slow response speed and negligent service methods, this is fatal to the accumulation of customers

As a result, many customers choose to stay away later.

For service, rottweil inkjet printers have always had their own ideas and systems. Customer first is our service tenet. Compared with the more convenient management

The quick service method, we pay more attention to the standard of customer experience. The 'sincere' service attitude makes customers feel convenient and caring. The 'one-to-one' service

is not the easiest way to manage the company, but it can When a problem occurs, customers can quickly find professionals who can solve the problem, so that the professional

The normal working state of the printer. At present, our service method has been praised by many customers. After comparing and using some customers, they chose our brand. I have to say that this is a great encouragement to us, the driving force and source of progress.

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