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Analyses why fu plastic goods yards laser marking choices better

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-10-15

in plastic bottles can be said to be one of the most common daily producer goods, whether in the supermarket, shopping center, a store, convenience store, store, or in the family life to be able to see plastic goods are goods, not letter you see the plastic bottles of products include: mineral water, beverage, edible oil, foam cleanser, some medical supplies, ink, solvents, shampoo, shower gel, detergent, cosmetic products, canned candy, honey, etc. , for these products if you feel familiar with? Answer needless to say, is yes.

since mentioned plastic packaging products, so must also cannot leave the information of marking on the plastic bottles, package, the most common identification information on the plastic bottles mainly includes: brand, logo, anti-counterfeiting code, production date, validity, and production code, batch number, bar code, the qr code regulation, etc. , the production date is an essential part of the goods. The existence of the production date can facilitate consumers understand goods the best use of time, when the clerk to finish goods again at the same time can also order according to the date of production of goods as a whole, to ensure that can sell goods within the guarantee period, and is not the goods overdue caused losses.

mentioned plastic bottle labeling information marking code, it must also be without the presence of laser marking machine. Laser marking machine is more popular in recent years a marking equipment, its unique mode of marking and processing technology brings to the manufacturer's production and processing experience. Let businesses no longer have to worry about a series of problems existing in the traditional way assigned code, allowing businesses to better according to the requirements on the goods marked fu yards.

with laser marking machine produced by the laser has good anti-counterfeiting string goods performance, can effectively crack down on fake 'shanzhai' the businessman, to a certain extent, prevent chaos, the market can also through the qr code traceability system implementation in the whole process of the goods back, can effective processing of distribution, agents around the regulation. With a laser marking machine printed brand, logo, anti-counterfeiting code, production date, validity, production number, production batch number, bar code and qr code identification information regulation is clear and beautiful, and permanent, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistance, not easy to erase, also not easy to be washed.

suitable for plastic packaging goods use laser marking machine has a lot of kinds, such as: carbon dioxide co2 laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine, desktop laser marking machine, uv laser marking machine, 3 d laser marking machine and so on the many kinds of laser machine can be used, but different in price, range, laser marking effect there is a slight difference, businesses should undertake choosing according to own actual situation, not blindly follow, more important thing is to be suitable for oneself, is not the best must be suitable for their own.

all in all, the plastic products will consider marking from many aspects of identity information is choose laser marking opportunity is better, if companies worry about equipment cost, so you need to consider these charges is to be able to earn back, the appearance of laser machine failure rate is much lower than other printing equipment, and there's no need to waste materials in terms of cost, in effect also has the advantages of better.
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