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Analysis of anti-counterfeiting code laser marking technology trend of development in the future

by:LEAD TECH      2020-10-04

with the continuous development of the market, the security is particularly important for businesses and consumers a exists, the purpose of security is to prevent, by means of false ownership under the permission of doing business in not prevent, reproduction, forge or sell to others without authorization goods an action taken by the measures. Effective anti-counterfeiting can reduce undesirable businessman fluky psychology, also can consolidate consumers trust products. A security do well enterprises, to be able to own brand image have very good protection effect, at the same time also can reassure consumers buy hesitation, that's why businesses will pay more attention to one of the reasons for merchandise anti-counterfeiting code.

before the laser marking technology has no mature, merchandise anti-counterfeiting code USES a label or scratch music form. Just like we play lottery as a child. By using the anti-counterfeiting code label paste form other merchants misappropriation or change easily, just like we often as a child will be off on the goods, this form of anti-counterfeiting code information for the enterprise is bad, can effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. Whether you of this product is genuine, your security code information once the undesirables to exploit and to deceive consumers, the consumer's trust to you will be greatly reduced. Like those famous brands of milk powder, food, medicine, incident broke out, it is difficult to save customers.

any all can do it, an enterprise would like to thank the will always be their customers. If customers don't pay, so you no matter how good your product is also useless. In order to be able to merchandise anti-counterfeiting code to do better, and at the same time in order to be able to better protect our brand image and the legitimate rights and interests of their clients and merchants will use is suitable for the anti-counterfeiting code anti-counterfeiting code to use laser marking machine in anti-counterfeiting code information of the goods, or the combination of qr code anti-counterfeiting code technology to implement tough anti-counterfeiting effect. Traditional form anti-counterfeiting code marking form is easy to be undesirable changes, thus form selection of laser marking technology, avoiding the undesirable businessman to change security information, also reduced its generic success rate.

the so-called anti-counterfeiting code laser marking machine is essentially USES high-energy laser beam on the surface of processed products to the rapid gasification and form a process of anti-fake mark, in this way mark qr code information is not easy to change, it is a permanent, very easy to query the consumer goods are authentic or imitation. Merchants using high-tech way of marking is not easy to stolen, is not easy to be copied. Information query goods come from the official release products, channels of query is formal, professional, reliable source of information, authoritative, realize products anti-counterfeiting efficiency, giving consumers more security. And use qr code in the form of the anti-counterfeiting code on the operation more simple, only need to scan by mobile phones can access to product information, in the form of qr code anti-counterfeiting code is also can be realized by laser marking technology!

all in all, as the anti-counterfeiting code laser marking machine in the application of numerous brands, such as: food industry, cosmetics industry, medical industry, pharmaceutical industry, cosmetic industry, beverage industry, powder industry, beer industry, tobacco industry, and so on, more and more businesses used in the field of anti-counterfeiting code laser marking machine, its high efficiency, precision and avoid, durability, maintainability, stability etc. Advantage, will appear in more business in the future, and become the industry of identity information code a good help to problem solving. Anti-counterfeiting code laser marking machine with higher technology content play an importance role in the field of security.
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