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Analysis of Color Effect of Stainless Steel Laser Marking

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-03-12

Laser marking machine can laser engrave white and black, but it is not surprising that laser marking machines of various colors are relatively rare, right? That is the popular MOPA laser marking machine.

The research on color laser marking of stainless steel materials is mainly aimed at laser equipment manufacturers to develop the application field of laser marking machines and expand the sales market of marking machines; at the same time, the research on stainless steel products industry In other words, the application of color laser marking can add the colorfulness of the marking graphics, which can greatly increase the added value of stainless steel products and enhance the international competitiveness of domestic stainless steel products.

At present, a new process development of stainless color marking has appeared in the expansion of stainless steel marking field in China. However, there is still very little research work in this area at present, and the main work of enterprises is limited to the actual operation and debugging of color marking, and little theoretical research and mechanism analysis are carried out. As a new process for color stainless steel processing, laser marking is currently in the experimental stage. Although there are a small number of practical production applications, due to the imperfect process, it has hindered the expansion of production. In order to expand the practical application of color laser marking of stainless steel materials, it is particularly important to carry out research topics in this field.

The color rendering principle of stainless steel, and the corresponding relationship between color change and laser energy in stainless steel laser color marking, find out the main laser parameters that affect the marking color. The specific research contents are as follows:

Study the nature of color to facilitate understanding of the color rendering principle of colored stainless steel.

To study the principle of color development of colored stainless steel, there are three color development methods: one is to generate colored oxides; two Under the action of chemical, electrochemical or laser, a thin layer of colorless and transparent oxide film is formed on the surface of stainless steel, and the oxide film produces interference effect, which can show color on the surface; the third is the presence of colored oxide and oxide film at the same time a mixed state.

Study the interaction between laser and materials, including the absorption of laser by metal materials and the heating process of laser on materials. Through the laser color marking experiment, the surface microstructure of the stainless steel color laser marking sample was observed, and the changes in the marking process were analyzed.

The laser thermal effect on stainless steel surface under the action of laser was studied. Through the calculation of the laser thermal effect equation, it is concluded that the laser energy density is proportional to the film thickness. Experiments have shown that with the increase of laser energy, the color of the stainless steel surface changes in the following color sequence: orange-red-purple-blue-green-blue-blue-green-green-yellow-green-yellow-orange-red….

It is of guiding significance for laser equipment manufacturers to design special stainless steel color laser marking machines. At present, the commonly used marking parameters of laser marking machine are: current, pulse repetition frequency, pulse width, dot spacing, line spacing and marking speed, etc. There is no direct correspondence between the laser-generated stainless steel color, and the marking can be The parameters are changed to parameters that have a direct impact on the color change of the stainless steel surface, such as: laser energy, pulse repetition frequency, pulse width, etc., reduce the variable parameters, improve the simplicity and reliability of adjusting the generated color, and allow the stainless steel laser color marking to enter Batch industrial production becomes possible.

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