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Analysis of common failures of inkjet printers

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-04
The printer itself has a built-in fault self-diagnosis function, which can diagnose most of the faults, and displays the fault or fault icon on the printer's display screen user interface, and the operator can specifically deal with the fault. Operators often encounter the following situations when operating the cij printer daily: 1. There is no power indicator. Check whether the main power switch is in the open position; check whether the power plug is well connected; check whether the main power voltage is normal; disconnect the power supply and check whether the fuse is intact. 2. The power of the machine is turned on, the keyboard does not respond, and the display cannot display content. Check whether the machine connection line is well connected and whether the machine fuse is intact. 3. The machine has no fault prompt display, but it cannot print. Check that the setting information has been saved and in the selected state, check whether the dot value of the set printing information is appropriate; check whether the connection line between the print head and the host is intact; check whether the printing delay value set in the information parameter menu is correct; check the electric eye And synchronizer mode, check the sensitivity of the electric eye; check whether the nozzle is blocked. 4. The printing effect is not good. Check that the printing direction is not perpendicular to the running direction of the production line, adjust the distance between the nozzle and the printing material; check whether the dot value of the set printing information is appropriate; check whether there is ink deposits at the nozzle blocking the nozzle. 5. Leakage occurred during the printing process. Check whether the electric eye is damaged, clean the sensor head of the electric eye fiber; set and adjust the installation and fixation of the electric eye, adjust the installation position of the electric eye, and eliminate the influence of the surface color of the object on the induction of the electric eye.
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