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Analysis of common problems of inkjet printer nozzles

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-12-20
Analysis of common problems of inkjet printer nozzles Hello, everyone, I am the editor. Today I will introduce the inkjet printer to you. The following content is organized by the editor, and the relevant content is for reference. The use of sprinklers focuses on maintenance and maintenance. The quality of maintenance and maintenance directly determines the effect and service life of the sprinklers. How to make your equipment bring greater profits is a problem that everyone is considering. Obviously, extending the service life of the nozzle is one of the means to reduce costs. Analysis of common faults and problems 1. Viscosity error If the inkjet printer has a viscosity error, the first thing to look at is whether the viscosity is thick or thin. (1) Why is the viscosity of the cij printer thinner? Under normal circumstances, it is caused by the cleaning agent that enters when cleaning the nozzle or because of frequent switching on and off. (2) Why is the viscosity of the printer thick? Generally, it is caused by a long time or if the solvent is not added in time after the solvent is exhausted. When adding solvent, we generally need to check whether the V1 valve has no voltage or sound. If not, the solvent cannot be added, and of course the viscosity of the printer will be too high and thick. (3) Solution 1. If the viscosity of the cij printer is thick, it is very simple. We can keep the machine running without shutting down. Then the viscosity will recover by itself. 2. If the cij printer concentration is thin, also keep the machine running until the viscosity is normal. It is because the solvent will volatilize during the operation of the machine, so as to achieve our goal of reducing the viscosity. 3. Of course, the easiest way is to change the ink. If the viscosity of the printer is too thick or too thin, we generally recommend changing the ink, which is efficient and convenient. 2. Recovery slot failure The recovery slot failures are generally realized as follows: (1) The ink line is crooked and does not enter the recovery hole or the ink line does not come out. Solution: Set the cleaning nozzle option in the execution system. Flush the nozzle with detergent to let the nozzle suck back. Repeat this for about 5 times, the situation will be improved. If the ink line is still crooked, you need to remove the nozzle and clean it in the ultrasonic. (2) The recovery tank is not recovered. Solution: First check whether the lower tube is blocked. Then take a look at the yellow piping system, carefully remove it, and see which section is blocked. Finally, check if the V8 valve is working or not. 3. Charging failure. Charging failure has the following possibilities: ①The nozzle is wet ②There is ink or dirt on the high-voltage board ③The phase is unstable or the phase is missing, no phase ④Main board problem ⑤Breakpoint 4. Ultra-high voltage trip The following possibilities: ①The high-voltage board is dirty or damp ②The high-voltage resistor needs to be replaced ③The nozzle is leaking; check where the current is leaking, such as the high-voltage line, which is most likely to leak. ④If the surrounding environment is humid, if you want to know more about the industry information of the inkjet printer, please log in to our official website and we will bring you more practical tips.
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