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Analysis of enterprise producers do not use the harm of laser marking machine have?

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-10-15

these days for most industries, the goods after the completion of a production process needs to be on the outer packing of goods carving production date, batch number and other relevant information. Before there would be no consumer CARES about what information is on the commodity packaging, and few consumers will care about the product's shelf life is long, when is produced. Even if the information is not complete merchants also don't have to worry about can not sell goods, but now consumers are at the time of purchase goods will pay more attention to the commodity production date and shelf life. The merchants did not use laser marking machine or laser marking machine for goods related date marking will produce what kind of harm?

a, will cause market turmoil

a commodity packaging production date, shelf life and other relevant information can accurately show the time will be two major consequences: one is some information for commodity production date, shelf life etc. Don't attach importance to the consumer, when the choose and buy goods to blindness. Especially for food items, assuming that the product is already expired goods, so will lead to consumers by had expired products affect the body health, severe cases will go to the hospital for a gastric lavage. , in turn, can cause market turmoil, and the choice of consumer also can become more blind. Second for some attaches great importance to the production date, shelf life of consumption, when see the purchase of goods is not indicate such information, then consumers will report for merchants. Not only seriously affected the reputation of the business, but also greatly reduces the consumers to buy.

2, merchants can't tracking for goods efficiently

if the goods not only have produced by the laser marking machine for production date, merchants can't clear to see whether stay in the warehouse the goods belong to the new product, for businesses in the commodity quality and regulatory there is any inconvenience caused, the interests of the enterprise itself has a direct impact.

three, it's easy to have a large number of generic products

the most taboo for businesses is their goods are stolen, not only to deceive the consumers also affect corporate brand image. So many vendors with laser marking machine is to have the effect of anti-counterfeiting, exclusive enterprise to engrave in commodity packaging design, or trademark, cannot identify can convenient consumers, also can avoid the emergence of a large number of imitation and influence customers to buy.

4, severely reduces the production efficiency of commodity

many companies know not to print production date, batch number and other relevant information of goods is not in conformity with the requirements, also can no longer for sale on the market. No matter how good the product is not available, so the businessman only with laser marking machine can increase the production efficiency of goods so as to adapt to the demand of the market.

in the end, a continuous development of individual and society in the process of development is only able to keep pace with The Times continuously meet the needs of times development based on the society. And every industry in the process of production and packaging of goods to meet the market demand, will need to use laser marking machine the right-hand man, or is to spurt the cij printer can. Only in this way can meet the needs of consumers diversify, the occurrence of harm can also avoid the appeal.
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